People, women, in particular, have wondered what causes bags under eyes since time began.

Eye bags are, for want of a better word, an eyesore. No one wants to resemble a panda when they meet their colleagues at work.

It would help if we knew what causes bags under eyes, and how to get rid of these unsightly dark areas on our faces.

What causes bags under eyes

There are many explanations for what causes bags under eyes. Knowing these triggers will help you avoid them and maintain a healthy facial appearance.

1. Sleeplessness

Most of us are aware that sleeplessness causes eye bags to gather. They collect because the body can’t purge excess fluid. It redirects to the tissue under the eye, creating lumps that resemble bags. This study shows that sleeplessness forms eye bags and hurts a person’s facial appearance.

2. Age

Also, getting eye bags is a natural part of the aging process. The fat under the skin starts to droop. Eye bags form because of a misplacement of fat. Furthermore, we get eye bags when the ligaments in our faces weaken.

Our eye bags become visible. Research reveals that facial changes, including eye bag formation, are a result of aging.

3. Lifestyle

Furthermore, an unhealthy lifestyle causes eye bag build up. An excess use of mobile devices may cause sleeplessness and a collection of fluid under the eye.

4 Health Conditions That Cause Bags Under Eyes

Eye bags. aren’t just a cosmetic difficulty. In addition to the typical causes listed above, a poor state of health may explain why your eyes look puffy.

1. Eczema and Allergic reactions

First of all, if you have under eye darkness or itchiness, you may have an allergic reaction like hay fever.  Inflammation and puffiness may result from Dermatitis.

2. Periorbital Hyperpigmentation

Genetics may contribute to eye bag formation as well. Preorbital Hyperpigmentation, or dark pigments around the eyes, typically happens among people of Mediterranean descent.

Those with Anemia, who suffer from iron deficiency, don’t have enough oxygen flowing through the tissue under their eyes. The lack causes dark circles to become apparent.

3. Liver Disease

Liver disease may result in itchy skin, swollen eyes, and puffiness. Also, it makes the blood vessels in the face visible.

4. Pregnancy or Menstruation

Menstruation and pregnancy use up iron in the body and impale the skin. The pale skin under the eyes, in turn, turns bluish or purplish because the veins below it are visible

How to get rid of bags under eyes naturally.

Eye bags are annoying. Take heart if you have them because there are ways to remove what causes bags under eyes.

1. Elevation

First of all, sleep with your head raised. Doing this will prevent excess fluid from building up under your eyes.

2. Fight Allergies

Also, wash your pillowcases often. Allergens are a top cause of eye bags. Good hygiene practices will reduce these compounds and therefore, eye bag build up.

3. Cut down on salt

Furthermore, reducing your salt intake eliminates water retention. Cutting down on salt may help to stop fluid from collecting in the tissue under the eyes.

4. Raw Potato

Potatoes are a good substitute for cucumbers. They contain an astringent that gets rid of water under the eyes.

Put raw potato shavings in a cheesecloth and place the cloth over your eyes. Your bags will soon disappear.

5. Milk

Milk or soy helps to remove eye bags. Soak a cotton ball in cold milk. Make sure that you get rid of the excess, then place it over each of your eyes. You will soon say goodbye to your eye bags.

6. Drink Tea

Green, black, or Chamomile Tea also aid in eye-bag removal. The caffeine in green and black teas constrict the blood vessels under the eyes and prevent fluid from collecting. Tea bags tighten the skin and soothe it as well.

7. Egg Whites

Breaking an egg and brushing the white over your eyes will help to decrease ugly bags. Note that you should leave it for 15 minutes or so before removing it.

8. Aloe Vera

You’ll probably know that Aloe Vera is a treat. It’s chock full of amino acids and has a host of anti-fungal properties. It also helps to remove unsightly eye bags.

9. Rose Water

With Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and flavonoids rose water a natural astringent with anti-inflammatory properties. It tightens skin, gets rid of what causes bags under eyes, and rejuvenates.

10. Witch Hazel

Finally, you may already use Witch Hazel to reduce swollen and red areas on your skin. It’s refreshing. Applying it to a cotton ball and putting it over closed eyes for a few minutes will reduce your eye bags.

In all, the natural solutions to what causes bags under eyes abound. All you have to do is use them.

By Michelle L.


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