If reversing aging belongs to the realm of fantasy, it is possible to slow down the aging process. Here is how.

One time, Salma Hayek shared her thoughts about Botox.

Botox, trust me I’ve been tempted — but I resist!..It all atrophies! Plus, if you freeze a muscle in your face, other muscles have to compensate!

Head-On Solutions to Aging

Everyone, women and men alike, are reading up on the all-botanical solutions to slow down the aging process and the latest non-invasive procedures to get the youthful body and skin that they desire.

According to a study presented by researchers from the Duke University School of Medicine, headed by Daniel Belsky, in 2015, certain biomarkers can help determine a person’s so-called “biological aging” which the researchers defined as the “declining integrity of multiple organ systems”.

18 biomarkers were observed among subject from when they were 26 until they turned 38. These biomarkers include cardiorespiratory fitness, Body Mass Index (BMI), cholesterol levels, and white blood cell count.

Some of the subjects who were observed to physically age faster were also observed to show more rapid declines in physical and cognitive functions. Clearly, when it comes to slowing down the aging process, not even the most expensive jar of anti-wrinkle cream can give you back your youthful skin.

Here are the 9 top ways to slow down the aging process guaranteed to bring you results:

1. Quit Smoking

If you’re still skeptical, our response is, “Are you serious?” When you’re puffing out over 4,000 toxic chemicals that include carcinogens every hour from each stick, you’re practically killing yourself — softly.

So, when your goal is anti-aging, this habit must go.

2. Substance Abuse

That includes alcohol and any other unnecessary drugs, illicit or not, including so-called “smart drugs” that you’re taking. These may seem helpful but, over time, something is bound to give.

3. Get on a calorie-restricted diet

There is an anti-aging paradigm that preaches how individuals who are able to keep within the lower bounds of their ideal weight tend to have lower risks for chronic diseases because the internal organs don’t have to work doubly hard to perform essential functions.

Eat a balanced diet and get as close to the source as much as you can.

4. Boost your antioxidant levels

You know that your anti-wrinkle cream has to have them to be effective but, it also pays to level up on your antioxidants from within.

Antioxidants are important in maintaining the vitality of your cells, keeping these from the cell-damaging effects of free radicals which, if not neutralized can cause any of the following: create free radicals out of your damaged cells, shorten the life of your cells or, kill your cells.

5. Don’t Stress

Your body creates free radicals too. That’s when stress gets out of control. Stress is good but, when it is the bad kind, your hormones run haywire, your appetite fails to switch on and off properly, and you lose out on sleep and rest.

That’s just the start of more serious implications.

6. Improve Nutrient Circulation

Constricted veins and blocked arteries suffer your entire body. Good nutrition gets stuck and could not get where these are needed the most for repairs and rejuvenation to happen.

Staying physically active and a regular workout routine can help you achieve that.

7. Sleep for at Least 7 Hours

It’s the best treatment that you can give to your body and to your skin. When you are sleep deprived, you are also depriving your body to calm down, rest and become rejuvenated.

8. Learn Smart Sun Time

You need just a little bit of sunshine to facilitate several critical mechanisms that affect your well-being, that includes bone development but also cognitive functions. Beyond the healthy hours of sun exposure, however, stay in the shade and put on sunscreen.

9. Make time to be with the people you love

In a Harvard study, led by Robert Waldinger, it was observed that subjects who were more socially attached and had fulfilling relationships with their partners tended to be happier, and lived healthier and longer lives.

Turn off your devices and make time to be with the most important people in your life.


Your skincare routine does matter in influencing how fast and how soon your skin ages. However, if you want to look and feel younger longer, at least now you know that not even what’s left in your bank account can get you that.


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