If you want to know how to relieve lower back pain, sciatica, and leg pain, ancient Chinese tradition can help you – all you need is to stimulate specific pressure points on your body!

The quality of life can significantly decrease due to lower back pain. Everyday tasks become extremely difficult after you start suffering from lower back, hips or legs pain.

Fortunately, an effective and accessible solution to this problem is provided by acupressure. It is a very old method of treatment which costs nothing, and you can perform it yourself to achieve pain relief.

The acupressure alleviates back pain and restores mobility of joints. This technique should be applied daily or three times a week minimum. Not only will the regular application of these methods reduce the pain, but it will also prevent its re-emergence.

Let’s talk about the pressure points the stimulation of which can ease and relieve lower back pain.

According to traditional Chinese medicine:

  • Problems with the lower back are associated with kidneys
  • Chronic pain in middle back area is related to the digestive system, spleen, liver and bladder meridians
  • Upper back is closely linked to the heart and lungs, and the circulatory and respiratory systems

According to eastern medicine, the blockage of energy flow in our body is considered a major cause of disease. By stimulating certain points, you are working on the energy channels in the body – so-called the meridians. Acting on the meridians can help many health problems.

Note that – as your muscles are more developed, the stronger pressure must be applied to achieve a real impact on health. By pressing on certain acupressure points you could feel the tension or even pain. If you feel more pain, reduce the pressure.

Acupressure point is always a little more sensitive than the surrounding areas of the body. This will help you to easily recognize these points. For stimulation, you can use the middle finger, which is the longest and strongest. You can use the thumb or the index finger. Always start with slow and mild pressure and increase the pressure moderately.

Use the power of your upper body for the pressure. For example, while doing acupressure on your foot, bend your legs and lean forward to increase the pressure.

Perform acupressure or pressure in a circular motion around the point to stimulate it. If you feel pulsation after acupressure in the stimulated points – that’s a good sign that you’ve improved the blood circulation in that area.

Pressure points to relieve lower back pain and achieve general well-being:

  • the belly
  • on the lower back
  • the pelvis
  • on the back of the knee
  • the hands and feet

The point on the abdomen (CV 6)

Acupressure point on the belly area, which is a very effective way to relieve lower back pain, is located two fingers below the navel. Use firm, but not too strong pressure on this point for 2 minutes. It is also important that you take deep breaths during the acupressure.

Benefits: This point reduces the feeling of weakness in the lower back and reduces all the problems related to the lower back pain. It also strengthens abdominal muscles.

Points on the lower back (B 23, B 47)

They are located in the waist area, near to the spine, between the second and third lumbar vertebrae. Apply gentle pressure to this point for a few minutes. Repeat acupressure every day for several minutes to remove fatigue and problems with your back.

Benefits: It relieves pain in the lower back, relieves sciatica, reduces chronic fatigue. If you have a bad lower back, you can combine it with other acupressure points to alleviate back pain.

Points in the area of the hips (B 48, GB 30)

These points are located in the middle of the buttocks and at the sacrum. Apply gentle pressure to this point for a few minutes. Repeat every day to achieve the desired effect.

Benefits: This relieves pain in the hips and lower back relieves sciatica, helps with problems in the pelvic area.

The point on the back of the knee (B 53, B 54)

This point is behind the cup, right in the middle of the knee. For a better effect apply pressure to this point on both feet. Apply the pressure or light circular movements for 3 minutes for each leg.

Repeat the process every day.

Benefits: This point relieves tension back, helps with pain in the knees, relieves arthritis and sciatica

The point on the feet (H)

This point is located between the big toe and second finger of your feet. You can stimulate it while in the sitting position. Find the right spot between the thumb and second finger while applying gentle thumb pressure for 1 minute.

Breathe deeply, and then release the pressure. After that rub the area around this point. For stimulation of the H point on the soles of the feet, sit in a comfortable position. Bend one your leg, lift your foot over the opposite knee and turn the sole upwards.

Find the acupressure points and stimulate them. Then massage the sole from the heel to the big toe. The line that goes from the big toe to your heel is actually a line of your spine.

Therefore, you press on it to alleviate stress and tension in your spine.

Benefits: This point helps to relieve lower back pain, it also relaxes the whole body.

The point on the palms

To begin, lie down and totally relax. Then, on top of your palm find a joint between the thumb and forefinger. Apply firm pressure on the point for 15 seconds and then release the pressure. Repeat several times until you feel relief in your back.

Benefits: Pressure to this point stimulates the secretion of the hormone endorphin, which relieves symptoms of a painful back.

Use these methods to relieve lower back pain and other similar kinds of pain. Let us know about your results in the comments!


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