The Aloe Vera plant is nature’s little gift to us. Despite all that we do to the environment, Aloe Vera is still there, soothing our sunburn and mosquito bites.

Aloe Vera is not just good for our external body but also it can be ingested and does wonder for our internal organs.

The juice itself is a little sour and takes a bit of getting used to but you won’t regret when you see what it does to your skin. It contains loads of vitamins including B, C, and Vitamin E. It also has Folic Acid, which aids in immunity and is an antioxidant.

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice on the body:

1. Cholesterol and Blood Sugar

It can help with lowering cholesterol and blood sugar, which means it’s good for diabetes and obesity sufferers.

2. Hair

When ingested, Aloe Vera juice can help with improving the quality of your hair as it’s packed with vitamins and enzymes.

3. Digestion

Drinking Aloe Vera juice is a very good idea if you suffer from digestive problems including IBS. As Aloe Vera is healing and soothing it can help with the painful symptoms that come with IBS.

4. Detox

The dirty D word. Aloe Vera juice is a natural cleanser. It can help the body get rid of things that we don’t need or want in the body. Making it great for problems such as acne, IBS, and rosacea.

It works by absorbing the toxins that are found in your digestive tract and then it travels through the rest of your body and is then excreted. It also is great if you suffer from constipation. It makes your gut happy!

Aloe Vera juice does have a “unique” taste.

Take 3-6 tablespoons mixed with a smoothie or fruit juice. If you take anymore it can contain high Aloin levels, and Aloin is a laxative so by ingesting too much you might give yourself diarrhea.

Err on the side of caution and start off small with 2 tablespoons of a smoothie and slowly work your way up to 6 tablespoons on its own.



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