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Relationships & Social Life

Body Language of Men: 22 Nonverbal Signs He Likes You

If you want to know if a guy likes you, then you should pay attention to the body language of men. Our body leaks information that we are not aware of. This information is so reliable that criminologists can use it to detect the truth from deceit. The great thing…

How to Stop Thinking about Someone? 5 Practical Tips

We've all been there; you experience a relationship breakup, fall out with a friend, or relocate - but no matter how hard you try, you can't get a certain someone out of your head. Learning how to stop thinking about someone isn't easy, but with a few practical tips, let's…

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone in 6 Ways

Would you like to know how to get out of the friend zone? Well, there are several things you can do to accomplish that. In case you’re not familiar with the term, ‘the friend zone’ is no place a man or woman wants to be. Being a friend and being…
Health & Wellness

Study: Watching Cute Cats and Dogs Is Good for Your Brain

Kawaii. The Japanese say the word 'cute' often, and enjoy doing it. They also watch a plethora of heartwarming anime movies and series, with charming characters that trigger unstoppable giggles. What do the two have in common? You'd notice that the Japanese are among the longest-living in the world. And…

10 Signs of Mom Burnout and How to Cope with It in Quarantine

With COVID-19 leading to prolonged school closure in many countries, many hassled moms are wondering how to keep their little ones occupied. The stress is heavy; mom burnout happens even when everyone's hale and hearty. So, how is an overwrought mom, flooded by the responsibilities of caregiving, supposed to cope? …

15 Powerful Quotes about Truth and Honesty

Sadly enough, honest people are becoming an endangered species in our world. Still, these quotes about truth remind us that honesty is a timeless value and we should cultivate it. How many times have you encountered lies and hypocrisy in your life? I’m sure you could recall at least a…