Do you want to be more successful? Maybe it’s time to adopt one of these daily habits of successful people.

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a successful person must be like? Do they set their alarms earlier? Do they consume some super food for breakfast? Are they simply happier, or more focused people just getting the most out of life?

The truth is that these people have a set of daily activities and habits that make them productive and successful.

If you want to know some of the daily habits all successful people have, here are a few things to get you started.


It’s easier said than done, particularly for those who spend a large chunk of their day sitting at a desk. As a matter of fact, a report revealed that 70 percent of successful business individuals exercise each day. Michelle Obama said: “For me, exercise is more than just physical—it’s therapeutic.” Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth told Men’s Health magazine: “By working in more cardio, you keep shocking your body and you prevent having problems.

Exercise will make you feel good about yourself, and keep the body healthy. It can provide a break from the daily grind, it can make the mind alert and teach you discipline.

If you cannot exercise in the morning, get it in around lunchtime or in the early evening. If you are on the ground floor and you are traveling to the fifth floor, take the stairs.

Some successful people even attribute exercise to a healthier mind. One business owner, James Parrelly, said:

Successful entrepreneurship requires more than just mental fitness. It requires physical fitness as well. Clearing your mind and challenging yourself with a tough workout, prepares you for the daily challenges of business. A strong body holds up a strong mind.

Tricia Han, CEO of health and fitness app Daily Burn, added:

Literally move your body, even if it’s a quick walk around the block after lunch. I’ve had to learn to manage myself along with my business, I’ve found that even a little bit of exercise gives me extra energy and a more positive outlook. Plus, there’s something about a simple walk that gives your brain time to sort through and resolve problems.


Despite the major benefits of living in a hyper-connected world, the downside is that we never fully switch off. Make sure you unplug and empty your brain. Maybe it’s a brain dump from mind to paperwork or personal. This can help you to delegate or follow up, but it can also help you to structure your thoughts more effectively.

Nathan Ryan, a former CEO of an international digital agency which helped startups become acquired by major corporations such as Verizon and Red Bull, said:

Once it’s all on paper, I prioritize urgent tasks for first thing Monday morning (I don’t take meetings or calls on Mondays), and give myself deadlines for other tasks that are due throughout the following week, or even month. I’ve found that this allows me to go into the weekend with a clear head because, often, in my experience, the anxiety I feel doesn’t come from not getting something done, it comes from not knowing what I should be doing next. This process alleviates that unknowing and allows me to actually enjoy my weekend.

Time away from this digital world is really important. If anything it is cleansing – and a sanity checks on the constant pressures of the outside world. This, in turn, helps to shape productivity – which might explain why unplugging is among the daily habits of many successful people.

Creating a sense of calm is important for reflection. Mediation is another daily habit that is an important part of a successful person’s day.


The third of the habits of successful people is all about listening. There are several studies that show how active listening can make a real difference in your relationships. If people see the value in what you do, and they respect and like you an as individual, this can lead to several successful business partnerships and personal relationships.

A good listener is quite often at the center of success because they have a solid network of trusted individuals around them. Listening could facilitate relationships and really let people feel that you care.

It helps ease any tensions, even if it doesn’t immediately solve a problem, it could relieve any negative feelings just by letting people express themselves whether it be an unhappy customer, a stressed employee or colleague.”

Listen to your peers, employees, and customers. You might just find you will learn something!

Pride comes before a fall

One final tip – leave your pride at the door! We all know someone who lets their business ego get in the way, but an important mindset of successful people is to understand they are not the best at everything.

Rather, they realize their greatest asset is deciphering valuable information and how to act on it quickly. Business owners have to be able to make tough decisions, but they need good reliable facts. Leaders who listen to their teams come out ahead.


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