Do you want to know how to increase your work productivity? In fact, there are some effective science-backed ways to achieve this.

How do you feel after being busy the whole day? Do you have the energy to exercise or even watch a movie after work? Can you even tackle your significant to-do list? Many people consider themselves to be busy. Yet, in a real sense, they are not productive. What is their problem with work productivity?

You may work for the whole day and part of the night to beat the set deadline. But, your workload does not decrease. You do not take any breaks. You are busy focusing on how to get the job done. Nonetheless, nothing seems to change as you often end up finishing your duties late.

You start wondering how to increase your work productivity. Such a situation always frustrates many people. Some opt to give up on achieving some of their dreams. Others try as hard as they can.

Do not give up on your dreams regardless of the challenges you encounter. There are various techniques you can apply to boost your work productivity and thus achieve your dreams. Below are some ideas from work productivity experts.

Track your time

Do not take a lot of time on a particular project or task. Measure or set the exact amount of time you will need for a certain task. Tracking your time will help you not waste a lot of time on silly activities such as watching cat videos on YouTube or checking you mail after every hour.

You will learn to focus on spending more time on activities of high value and thus become productive. Additionally, tracking your time helps you be more responsible for your actions. In the end, you will be able to finish many tasks and have enough time to work on others.

Work hard during the first few hours of the day

Starting your day in a good mood or high spirits will definitely guarantee you a productive day. It is evident that you will stay positive during the rest of the day. Also, your focus will be on completing the day’s activities.

But if you start your day in a bad mood, you will not be able to complete any important task. This is because you will try to vent your anger on somebody or something else. Hence, you may hurt yourself in the process.

Start your day in a good mood and ensure you are more productive in the first few hours of the day. The mind is always ready and fresh in the morning.

Cute animals

Who does not like the cute face and furry coat of a kitten or a puppy? A study in Japan reveals that looking at the photos or pictures of cute animals can help improve work productivity. The study in the journal PLoS ONE shows that pictures of cute animals have an effect on the performance of an individual.

These cute photos trigger positive emotions, which make it easier for people to be attentive and concentrate on what they are doing. Thus, you can look at pictures of cute animals such as puppies and kittens. Surprisingly, it will help increase your work productivity.

Create a daily accomplishments list

Many people find it hard to acknowledge their accomplishments. This is because some individuals do not appreciate how much they have achieved. They have negative biases about themselves which lower their productivity. Their brain focuses on minor mistakes and obstacles which hinder them from noticing their wins.

So, to increase your work productivity, you need to recognize your achievements. Create a daily accomplishments list where you will note down your small wins. This will instill motivation and make you feel good, simultaneously increasing your work productivity.

Work on a single task, uninterruptedly, for a long period of time

People presume that multitasking will help them complete most of their tasks. But, that does not seem to be the case. Multitasking makes you lag behind and lowers your work productivity levels. This is because your focus is on completing the tasks rather than doing your best.

So, to be more productive, experts recommend working on a single task for a long time without any interruptions. Once you finish your job, you can work on another one. It will greatly help you boost your work productivity levels.

Avoid wordy music

Music helps one get along through a stressful situation. Also, when you have a task which you think you cannot complete in the given period, listen to some music. It will help you feel calm while working.

But you should not listen to wordy music as it can easily distract you. You will lose your focus because you may try to sing along. Thus, you will be less productive. You can listen to instrumentals or Jazz. These genres of music will help boost your focus and concentration and increase your work productivity.

Get caffeinated

According to studies, taking caffeine helps improve your concentration and intellectual functioning. However, you shouldn’t overdo it as you may become a coffeeholic.

Also, you should know the right time to take it. According to science, the best time for coffee is between 8-9 am, 12-1 pm, and 5-6 pm. It will help you stay alert and focus on getting your work done.

Also, remember not to overfeed yourself, especially with junk food. Drinking coffee will not help keep you up as the body will not respond well to the combination of coffee and heavy food. Moreover, eating too much makes you feel tired.

Take two kinds of breaks

When working, it is crucial that you take a break. This is because your mind and body need to relax and freshen up. Working for longer hours will make you tired and will lower your work productivity. You will not be able to focus on your work as your brain will not respond well.

Take two kinds of breaks when working; mini-breaks and recovery breaks. You cannot complete a single task without any interruptions. Mini breaks help you get over distractions. Recovery breaks, in contrast, help you relax and replenish your mind and body.

When you work on a single task for a long time without interruptions, you will definitely need a recovery break.

Invest in your happiness

Being happy brings prosperity. Unhappy workers are less productive. This makes them work with no purpose in their tasks, which brings poor results.

You need to invest in your happiness while working. It will help you learn how to create a productive workspace. As a result, you will find your job more stress-free and enjoyable. You will be able to work on many tasks and projects and boost your work productivity levels.

Do not be angry at someone as it will lower your productivity levels. Try to be in a cheerful mood and you will enjoy working.

Take a nap

It is fundamental to take some rest every day. Your body needs some time away from all the daily responsibilities.

Taking a nap helps you to relax and freshen up. Do not overwork yourself. You will be unable to produce good results as you will be forcing yourself to complete a task. If you feel tired, do get some rest and leave other tasks for later. It will guarantee you good results as you will be feeling fresh and energetic.


In conclusion, according to science, there are various ways you can increase your work productivity levels. The above tips from work productivity experts can help you complete more tasks in less time. Additionally, they can give you a hand in achieving your dreams.

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