Eating certain foods to prevent hair loss can help you retain your hair volume longer than average. How to achieve this?

Recent scientific studies at John Hopkins Institute have proven that high fats along with high cholesterol can cause real hair damage to any given person in time. A specialized team of doctors arrived at the conclusion that a diet made up of these two ingredients will most definitely cause extensive hair loss, hair discoloration, and even skin inflammation. However, there are somefoods to prevent hair loss that you can introduce into your diet.

As a matter of fact, many doctors worldwide have raised the concern that there is a dangerous link between a poor diet and hair fall. Behind it all, there is a simple explanation: hair, like skin, demands specific internal nourishment.

Even though external care of hair is important, you can have it covered by using a good shampoo and conditioner. But internal care is way more complicated. If your diet is not made up of nourishing foods, then you are failing to totally fulfill your hair care.

With this said, eating foods to prevent hair loss can help you retain your hair volume longer than average. How to achieve this? Read this entire article to figure it out.

Important Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

If you want to take proper care of your hair, then you must re-adjust your lifestyle to meet certain criteria. In this article, you will learn about the foods to prevent hair loss:

Food #1: Carrots.

Carrots have many different benefits for your body. Firstly, it is excellent for your eyes. Secondly, it is wondrous for the hair. Carrots have lots of Vitamin A that acts as a natural conditioner and hair strengthener.

Food #2: Chicken.

Since hair is mainly made up of protein, a diet rich in protein can really help you out. However, if you are a vegetarian, you can also get the same amount of protein by eating peanuts or tofu.

Food #3: Flaxseeds.

These seeds are very rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This substance can reach your hair shaft and scalp really easily. Once there, it can nourish all your hair follicles. Flaxseeds also add elasticity to your hair, thus making it stronger and less prone to break.

Remember that your body doesn’t produce these fatty acids, so you need to eat foods that contain them. Flaxseeds are definitely at the top of the list of foods to prevent hair loss.

Food #4: Barley.

Barley is packed with Vitamin E. Therefore, it is an excellent way to treat thin hair. Also, since barley is also rich in minerals like iron and copper, it stimulates red blood cells production, which makes your hair follicles stronger.

Food #5: Lentils.

Lentils are a great source of protein and minerals which are vital nutrients to your hair. Likewise, lentils are full of folic acid. Our bodies need this type of acid to restore the health of red blood cells.

By doing so, our blood can supply the skin with more oxygen. This makes your hair stronger and more resistant.

Food #6: Guava.

Guava is a natural source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is very important since it prevents your hair from becoming brittle or fragile. Also, guava leaves contain vitamins B and C, which can help boost collagen production needed for hair growth.

For those who don’t know, guavas have more Vitamin C than oranges. So include it in your list of must-have foods to prevent hair loss.

Food #7: Walnuts.

If you add some walnuts to your diet, you can easily prevent hair fall. Scientists believe that it is the only known nut that can provide vitamins (B1, B6, B9, and E), biotin, proteins, and magnesium.

All of these ingredients make a perfect hair strengthener.

Food #8: Dairy products.

Most dairy products are excellent foods for hair growth. For instance, eggs, milk, and yogurt are loaded with nutrients like iron, zinc, proteins, biotin, vitamins and even Omega 6 fatty acids.

All of these perks make it a great food to prevent hair loss.

Food #9: Spinach.

Spinach is excellent for hair re-growth. It is a great source of iron, protein and vitamins A and C. Studies have proven that iron deficiency is among the most common causes of hair fall, so by enriching your diet with spinach, you are remedying the situation.

Furthermore, spinach has Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, potassium and magnesium, which help maintain a healthy scalp.

Food #10: Fish.

Fish has Omega 3 fatty acids plus a cocktail of vitamins A, D, E and K that help you achieve excellent overall hair health. Fish is among excellent and affordable foods to prevent hair loss.

Food #11: Amla.

This food has been part of traditional hair care rituals for many centuries. It contains minerals and vitamins that increase scalp circulation and stimulate hair growth.


Everyone is afraid of hair fall. Nonetheless, there are many foods to prevent hair loss. Remember that external care is not the only thing necessary to stop hair loss.

You also need to prioritize internal nourishment. Pick some foods from the list provided and start making up a healthy diet.


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