Our society tends to ridicule sensitive men who are not afraid to show their feelings. But in fact, they have some underestimated qualities.

It’s not only the sensitive men who have feelings. All men do, even if they don’t show it. It is the conclusion of an American psychologist who has been studying the way men think and feel for 25 years.

To give women a guide through the incomprehensible mind of so-called strong sex, Dr. George Weinberg published a book detailing the mechanisms of male thinking.

Men, says the American specialist, avoid talking about their feelings because they think it is not “masculine” to do so. This happens mainly because they are taught from an early age that men are the “strong sex,” and women are the “weak sex,” when things are actually not that way.

“The first thing women should learn is that men are really fragile,” says the American psychologist. In fact, even if they have a stronger voice and react more harshly, men are actually sensitive, and when they fall in love, they become extremely vulnerable.

How to recognize a sensitive man?

Sensitive men are not disturbed by the fact that the world around them sees them as weak sweethearts. They are the strongest because they are themselves… because they do not have to wear a mask to look strong.

They will always give a helping hand. Not because they are always available, but because their heart cannot be indifferent to people’s needs. Sensitive men are the ones who bear the problems of the world, worrying in the middle of the night, while thinking about the problems of their friends and family.

As a reflection of their character, they offer kindness to those who do not deserve it. Despite the fact that many take advantage of them, men with a sensitive soul always choose to forgive.

Through forgiveness, they always succeed in bringing peace to their soul, serving as a solid foundation to resist further.

Sensitive men have failed many times. They were denied, neglected and hurt. But what is really fascinating is that they can cling to sadness and find the strength to move on.

Sensitive men always strive to find happiness. They do not give up. They go further, regardless of the challenges they meet. Their beautiful and big heart helps them find even a small drop of kindness in other people.

Even if they are hurt, they are able to find the power to heal, to cultivate peace, and to offer happiness and love. And no matter how painful it sounds, they will choose to continue being good and sensitive … because the world needs them.

Additional characteristics of a sensitive man are:

  • He is traditional, loves little kids and animals.
  • He has strong principles and a range of well-defined moral and personal values.
  • A sensitive man hates injustice, pleads for equal rights, and wishes the good to always prevail.
  • He is attentive, keeps in mind your desires and feelings and wants to make you happy.
  • He is very romantic and expects you to appreciate/show him at every step what a wonderful and special man he is for you.
  • A sensitive guy focuses on finding solutions and not on the difficulty of a situation.
  • He maintains his calmness & patience in the most critical moments.
  • He sees obstacles as a way to grow.

Why are sensitive men a treasure?

Romanticism is a rarity these days but not because men have forgotten about it, but because it is no longer in fashion. However, it does not mean that all men stopped believing in romance or practice cavalry.

In fact, a sensitive man is among those who believe in perfect love stories. He is intelligent, very sensitive and has a great sense of humor. He will certainly make his lover feel his devotion and fidelity while creating emotional stability and planning many romantic dinners.

Why are sensitive men strong?

1. They use their emotivity as a therapeutic treatment

We might experience daily inner conflicts that lead to emotional tensions. This makes us emotionally intoxicated and eventually sick at a physical level.

The good part is that sensitive men acknowledge this and embark on a self-discovery journey, where they try to understand the source of their emotions. At the same time, they invest time and patience in healing themselves either through open conversations, mindfulness activities or reflection.

2. They are not ashamed to show you how they feel

No matter how strong a man may be, at the end of the day, he accumulates frustrations and tensions just as women do. Instead of pretending that nothing happened or becoming bitter with those around him, an emotional man will clearly tell you how he feels and what tortures him.

3. They don’t care about the social stigma

The society tends to ridicule sensitive men. If he complains, he definitely wants attention, he is hysterical or unstable – he is not man enough. These generalizations do not bring any benefit to the mental health of any individual whether it is a man or a woman.

Far from showing weakness, being emotional is an act of courage that makes other people realize the importance of acknowledging emotions and how they can benefit our health.

Thus, the next time you see a man being an open book, do not criticize him but rather appreciate his uniqueness and courage in being himself.


By Andreea V.

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