Kids lately never spend time in nature. We all know what the tech evolution has done to our children in terms of physical activity.

Long gone are the days when children took their play out of the house,given that these days it is common to find many watching TV and playing video games in laptops, gaming machines among others. Now, while tech advancements are very much welcome, it’s about time we go back to the drawing board in a bid to encourage outdoor activities among kids.

This is especially colossal for parents but perhaps a highlight of some of the benefits of encouraging children to go outside and spend time in nature right from when they are young.

1. Nature Reduces Stress

You might be surprised but children just like adults can actually experience stressful situations. Lots of times on those computers, TV, Video games can actually strain them out.

It has been scientifically proven that exposing ourselves to natural habitats can relieve stress to many – this applies to kids as well. By nature, we do not mean you need to start going out mountaineering or something of that sort. Even a nature walk can do the magic.

2. It Improves Creativity

As stated earlier, nature will help reduce your child’s reduce stress, thus letting his or her mind function better. In fact, research even shows that your child’s problem-solving skills will get better as you expose him or her to nature. So, if you want to improve their cognitive skills then it’s time to let them play outside even more!

3. It Reduces the Chances of Mental Disorders

The most beautiful thing with exposing your child to nature is that you will reduce some mental disorders that are associated with stress. Some of the disorders include depression, short attention span among others. You do not what a child developing into a rebellious one just because his or her mind was stretched to the limit as a child.

4. It Reduces Chances of Developing Obesity

Obesity has got to be one of the greatest challenges in the realm of medical conditions among our generation and what’s the main cause? Of course, it has got to be a poor lifestyle which has been made worse by the lack of physical inactivity.

What’s even worse is the fact that even kids at a very tender age are also victims of obesity. Surely, the way out has got to be a bit of nature where kids will engage in activities such as digging, climbing running etc-they will not even realize that they are exercising!

5. It Will Help a Child Develop a Positive Attitude Towards the Universe

That thirst for knowledge in science and nature will not just mushroom without cultivation. A child’s open-mindedness about the universe will only be made possible if they grow out rather than being hunched over laptops, play stations and all day.

Some of the things you can do to spend time in nature and encourage outdoor activity among kids include:

  • Organizing family picnics
  • Going Camping
  • Encouraging stuff like gardening and planting among kids
  • Helping your child create stuff outside-an example is doing nature sketches and drawings together
  • Teach your child things about nature and always be keen to learn about nature together

Remember, you do not have to do all these to have to get your child physically and mentally fit – just pick whatever suits your family the most. If you are that type of a person who is not used to nature then a gradual introduction will do you good. Always ensure you and your child are having a good time – after all, it should be fun!


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