Black seed oil is an ancient remedy that you really need to know about.

Black seed oil, also known as black cumin seed or Nigella sativa, has been scientifically proven as a treatment for a number of cancer types, as well as other diseases and infections.

The seed oil actually comes from a herb, which grows in the Mediterranean Sea and in India. The reason the oil is so powerful is mainly because of an active ingredient found in its extract called thymoquinone.

The oil and the extract of thymoquinone work as anti-inflammatories, particularly on various types of cancer, such as breast cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer, cervical cancer, bone cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer, skin cancer, and pancreatic cancer.

The black seed oil essentially stops cancer cell activity from happening in the first place, killing the cells.


There have been numerous scientific studies, with positive conclusions, however, none of these have yet been tested on humans. This is partly because of the power that pharmaceutical companies have over testing and the amount of money they may potentially lose if this natural remedy comes to light.

The black seed oil has been used as an ancient remedy for cancer on humans for thousands of years, so we know it’s safe. What’s more, there have been plenty of studies all over the world that have proved the oil to be a safe and effective treatment method, particularly on cancer cells.

It also highlighted the use of oil for other medical issues, such as diabetes, asthma, and kidney disease. The studies found that thymoquinone works as an antioxidant in the body and boosts the body’s defense mechanisms. It was also shown to have no negative side effects.

An Egyptian study on rats showed the combination of black seed oil and honey over a period of six months protected the rats against oxidative stress by 100%.

Studies in Turkey and India on rats receiving radiation therapy showed the negative effects of treatment alleviated by the consumption of the oil.

The Ancient RemedyOther studies have also shown the following, that black seed oil:

  • Combats liver cancer cells (study in India in 2013)
  • Kills lung cancer cells (study in Saudi Arabia in 2014)
  • Kills brain cancer cells (study in Ohio in 2013)
  • Destroys leukemia cells (study in Malaysia in 2013)
  • Kills breast cancer cells (study in Malaysia in 2013)
  • Destroys colon cancer cells (study in Mississippi in 2007)
  • Treats helicobacter pylori infection (study in Saudi Arabia in 2010)

In total, there have been over 120 scientific research studies on black seed oil and thymoquinone. The oil and the seed are edible and are often used in cooking to flavor foods. This means it won’t be long before scientists start testing the oil on humans, especially since there are no negative side effects from the oil.

So, watch this space, and in the meantime, why not try some of this wonder oil for yourself!

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    hola – just back from Marrakech – bought the oil and the seeds and I’m going to try implementing to see what happens. I’m terrible when it comes to regimes lol but keen to be well 😉

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