Have you ever wondered what helps your hair grow? Well, for a healthy head of hair, natural tips produce the best results.

Having healthy, beautiful and hair that shows consistent growth is often the dream of many people. This is why you might be tempted to purchase the most expensive oils that enhance the growth of healthy hair. But this is not the answer. To truly understand how to grow long and healthy hair, simply taking a look around you helps.

Everything you need to know about keeping your hair long and thick starts with the basics and adopting a healthy lifestyle. Basically, healthy hair comes the natural way.

Natural tips that rock!

When it comes to understanding what helps your hair thicken and grow, there are natural solutions that work for different people. In this light, you need to understand what your hair type is, in order to utilize natural tips properly.

This will ensure you keep a healthy, smooth and good looking scalp and skin as well. Check out these tips and adjust accordingly. Only you truly understand your hair type and temperament.

1. A protein-rich diet

Why not improve the health of your hair from the inside out? Well, you can! A diet that is rich in nutrients is good for your hair. Consume plenty of these foods to ensure that your hair grows and remains beautiful. Meticulously choose what goes into your mouth if you want to see what makes your healthy hair grow stronger.

For instance, focus on proteins. It’s just that simple. Plenty of eggs, fish, steak, milk, soy protein and lentils are some of the best protein options to consider. Soy, for instance, has been proven to enhance hair growth and keeps it healthy.

2. Relax and avoid stress

Stress is one of the leading causes of thin and unhealthy hair. Whether you are emotionally drained, or you are subjecting your hair to physical stressors, it is essential that you embrace relaxation strategies.

Healthy, growing and thick hair can be achieved through yoga exercises, meditation, and you can go for a nature walk among other relaxing activities.

3. Get ample sleep

You should also get plenty of sleep as it is relaxing. Restorative sleep promotes healthy hair growth and improves the health of your skin. There is always a definitive difference after getting a good night’s rest.

As you may know, the lack of sleep can do all sorts of mischief to your body and your mind, and that’s why sleep can also affect your hair growth. Make sure that you sleep for 6 to 8 hours as it helps to restore and fortify your hair muscles, skin and hair follicles.

4. Avoid unhealthy foods

For healthy and growing hair, you need to avoid junk foods. Focus more on eating healthy food that will add nutritional value to your system. For every meal you take, ensure it is balanced and rich in fiber.

Processed foods contain unhealthy fats, and they do not promote healthy hair growth. Therefore, consider whole meals or foods, proteins, plenty of vegetables and eating the right amount of fruits including avocados for growing healthy hair.

5. Take supplements

You can also try out some supplements to boost hair growth. This is important as you age. Optimize your aging or growth cycle by taking healthy supplements. Since the market is flooded with different supplements, consider options recommended by trichologists.

The best supplements are rich in minerals, vitamins, and bioactive nutrients. Therefore, if you take them, they will promote the health of hair follicles and dermal layers of the scalp. As a result, healthy hair growth will be achieved.

Again, what helps your hair grow longer and stronger? Omega-three supplements are also a powerhouse in hair care. They are rich in keratin that plays a significant role in promoting hair growth. Now, there’s a great tip!

6. Keep your scalp healthy

It is also important that you massage your scalp regularly. A scalp massage on a daily basis helps to promote blood supply to hair follicles, therefore, stimulating hair growth. According to experts, a daily scalp massage promotes the growth of thick and healthy hair.

You only need to be gentle and consistent to achieve the best results. Gentle hair care, such as using a razor for sensitive skin if you are prone to allergic reactions, promotes the growth of healthy hair, which, in turn, leads to a healthy scalp.

7. Hair Masks

Some people use hot oil treatments, but this is not a good natural solution. Instead, try soaking your scalp in coconut, onion, or potato water. With these hair masks, you can also massage your scalp, awaken and rejuvenate your skin. This can be done once a month to protect your hair shafts.

You can also try other solutions such as apple cider vinegar washes or egg masks.

8. Stay hydrated

As with most other aspects of health, water is a life-saver. Staying hydrated not only improves your physical and mental health but also helps you develop strong and healthy locks of hair as well. Staying hydrated also promotes fast hair growth and re-growth.

A consistent healthy hair regime

One of the most important tips to remember when learning about hair growth is to be consistent. In order to reap the best results, you must practice natural hair solutions every day. With a pattern of healthy hair habits, you will see results in no time. So, what makes hair grow? I would say, basically, determination.


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