Silver and blonde ombre hair is a relatively new style in the fashion niche. These kinds of hairstyles give your hair a sterling, metallic and gilded look.

Change is inevitable, and that is why you should try at least an ash blonde or a blonde ombre hair before this year ends.

The vibrant blonde ombre hair looks, comprising of human-made hair shade will really obsess you on your first trial especially if you go for a chicer silver or blonde fades.

You may be worried whether these choices will make you appear too aged. That is not true and if you want a younger star look, use make-ups and vibrant lip hue.

We got seventeen stunning silver and blonde ombre hair ideas which will give you an in-depth insight into blondes. Take a look.

1. Medium Choppy and Silver Blonde Ombre Hair

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This is a straight look but with an edgier vibe. All that emanates from that trimmed cut with long face-framing layers and bluntly chopped ends.

This is one effortless and a guaranteed way of highlighting the less vibrant streaks of gray towards the tips of your hair. The gradient usually begins with super dark brown-it is a beautiful look that will definitely need bleaching.

2. Sleek Straight Brown-To-Silver Ombre Hair

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If this article’s title made you assume that blonde ombre hair is the only strange thing that teenagers can show off with, perhaps you should think again. Of course, this is among some of the demurrer haircuts on our list.

It is achieved by having some of the portions of the hair light hazel, and the tips colored Nordic blonde. Nevertheless, the polished look is achieved by styling it straight.

3. Dark Roots and Ash Blonde Strands

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Flaunt your hair roots even if they are not fully grown out by opting for this style. The beautiful blonde and the dark roots make this look enviable by all ladies, and everyone wants to try it.

4. The Ice Princess Silver Blonde

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Every lady out there is craving to have her hair dyed gray. Do you really underestimate the gorgeousness of silver ombre hair? Well, when paired with ample waves, you add a touch of royalty to your style. The tones subtly melt from dark to light giving an enviable look.

5. Baby Blonde Ombre

This chic style is taking everything by surprise. It creates an impression of an entirely natural hair. The color of the hair ends fades to a lighter color creating a more fun look.

6. Long Silver Ombre Hair

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If you have successfully grown your hair long and you can now show it off, opt for this long silver ombre hair. The results will be admirable, most importantly if you have an extended hair at the front than the mid-back and styled in curls.

7. Back to Black Ombre Hair

Ladies blessed with black hair can also pull off ash blonde ombre hair. Rather than going for an ash blonde, you can color the trimmings close to charcoal for an ideal balance between subtle and dramatic.

8. Ash Blonde Ombre With Brown Balayage

Okay, finally you have chosen to rock ash blonde ombre hair. The next thing to get your dream style is to incorporate some twist to this look. Achieve this twist by utilizing balayage into the ombre look.

Though fine chocolate brown accents with black roots peeking through give a defined look, the ombre do magic to this look.

9. Discrete Ash Blonde Ombre

A substantial number of ladies who work in a business environment don’t like dramatic ombre look.

A fantastic option is to opt for a very discrete blonde ombre haircut on the base of an elongated bob. You won’t get any negative flags and still look great.

10. Platinum Contrast Ombre Hair

White silver ombre tresses are eye candy as they are beautiful. If you are looking to transform from dark brown to blonde, you can choose a dramatic transition from the mid-air to the tips.

Go for the platinum contrast ombre hair if you have long and lovely locks.

11. Perfect Brown to Grey Ombre

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Another gorgeous way to wear ombre hair without looking too strange at the business environment is with this super sleek fade to fine grey ends.

The key to getting a natural grey is selecting a darker shade of silver that will appear to cascade down pleasantly from the back roots.

12. Violet and Silver Balayage

The idea of complementing grey and purple in one style is just alluring. Have the duo and mix it for a sophisticated impact that will be sheer joy look settle your eyes on every morning.

13. Black to Grey Ombre Hair

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If you like Crohn’s but don’t want to go past browns, you can experiment with this silver and black ombre hair. Try dark hues and see which colors of grey are ideal for your preferred look.

14. Ash Blonde Ombre With Earth Shades

Natural earth colors appear gorgeous regardless of the season of the year. The unique blonde ombre strands as these can be pulled off anywhere, anytime and in any way, you like it – that is the principal thing that makes them extra appealing to ladies.

15. Elongated Hair with Silver Ombre Ends

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Generally speaking, one of the guaranteed ways to highlight very long hair is by having the trimmings given a contrast color. If you are blessed with very long hair that cascade down to your entire back, you can effortlessly show off with alluring silver ombre tips.

16. Casual Ash Blonde Ombre

Flaxen blonde ombre has and remains to be the best choice for the ladies who need to settle for the light hair colors, but not to look too flashy at the same time. It is yet another haircut that can be comfortably worn in any setting, either formal or informal. Why don’t you give it a try?

17. Black, Ash Brown and Silver Ombre

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You can rock both two worlds by utilizing not only ash brown or ash blonde, but also silver for this ombre. The hair hue idea is suitable for a super dark base. Allow the ends to flow naturally from ash brown blonde to silver.

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