Your heels feel exhausted and have scary-looking splits. Cracked heels are painful and unsightly and if you have them, you’ll need to understand their causes and learn about the remedies that will take away the pain and give you some relief.

What Are Cracked Heels?

They are dry, damaged skin on the heels of the feet. A survey on foot health revealed that it affects 20% of adults in the United States. Children may experience this condition as well.

Though almost anyone can suffer from cracked heels, they seem to occur more in women than men. It isn’t a critical condition but may cause discomfort to a person who’s barefoot. In a minority of cases, the cracks may deepen and cause severe pain.

Why do people get them?

1. Lack of Moisture

Cracked heels happen when the skin on the feet breaks apart due to dryness and air pressure. They occur most often during the autumn and winter months when it cannot adapt to changing moisture levels. It becomes brittle and tears easily.

The skin around the heels has a few sweat glands, Fat supports and softens it. It also prevents it from becoming dry. If you have dry skin, cracked skin is likely to appear.

2. Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Cracked heels also arise when a person doesn’t get enough of the vitamins and minerals necessary to keep them soft. Minerals like zinc, calcium, iron, and magnesium are all critical for foot health.

3. Pressure on Feet

Cracked heels may occur when a person spends a significant amount of time standing at home or work. A study shows that young people, who spend a lot of time on their feet, put a lot of pressure on them. The pressure causes the skin to crack.

4. Age

The skin on a person’s feet is dry and thick, mainly if he or she is elderly. Skin loses elasticity as a person ages, so cracks are likely to happen then.

5. Obesity

Also, weight puts pressure on the feet. The more a person has, the more stress it places on them. The fat pad and area under the heel experience the most pressure. The stress leads to cracked heels.

6. Exposing/Poorly Fitting Footwear

Sandals with an open back will cause the feet to expand sideways, increasing the likelihood of having cracked skin on one’s heels. If you wear such shoes often, do take care of your feet.

7. Hygiene

Unsanitary conditions can lead to cracked skin. Dirty floors cause the skin around the feet to harden and split.

8. Water

Water removes the natural oils from the feet. The lack of these oils can cause it to become rough or dry. Consequently, standing for long periods in damp places such as bathrooms can cause cracked skin on your heels.

9. Poor Posture

Standing hunched puts a lot of pressure on the feet. Walking or standing upright eases them and takes away the possibility of damaged heels.

10. Genetics

Finally, you have a higher risk than others of having cracked heels if your parents have them. You’re likely to inherit their tendency for dry, thick skin as well.

7 Natural Cracked Heels Remedies

So you have cracked heels, but medicine doesn’t agree with you, so here are some suggestions for getting rid of them the natural way with homemade remedies.

1. Coconut Oil

First of all is coconut oil. Massage a bit of it on each of your cracked heels and cover it with socks before going to bed. You’ll find your heels smoother and softer the next day. Coconut oil sanitizes and kills infectious germs.

2. Honey

There’s also honey. Combine a cup of it with a gallon of lukewarm water. Pour this mix into a bowl or bucket large enough to accommodate your feet, and soak them for about half an hour. The honey, which is anti-inflammatory, will moisturize your cracked skin and cleanse it of infectious bacteria.

3. Epsom Salt

Also on this list is Epsom salt. The skin best absorbs a combination of Epsom Salt and Magnesium. It removes toxins from your body and makes way for it to enter your bloodstream.

Combine 1/3 Epsom salt with a large basin of water wide enough to accommodate your feet. Soak them in the mixture for about half an hour. The salt will exfoliate the thick skin at your heels.

4. Diaper Balm

What helps your baby can do the same for your feet. Rub a little diaper balm onto your heels and wear socks before going to bed. Doing this will make them soft.

5. Pumice Stone

Pumice stone consists of volcanic material. It forms when heated rock ejects from a volcano. The molten material coagulates because of rapid cooling and depressurization. Soak your feet in a tub of warm water. Then, use a Pumice Stone to remove the hard surface of your cracked heels. Moisturize them by rubbing sesame oil on them.

6. Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is soothing. It also heals cuts, bruises, and cracked skin quickly because of its antibacterial properties. Apply some of it on your feet before going to bed, and cover them with socks. Repeat for as long as your feet take to heal.

7. Banana and Coconut Mask

Banana has natural enzymes that soothe the skin. It also rejuvenates cells. Combine a banana with two to three teaspoons of coconut oil. Put the mix on your cracked heels for about half an hour and you will feel the benefits of this simple and natural remedy.

How to Prevent Cracked Heels?

The best way to treat cracked heels is to stop them from happening in the first place. There are a few measures you can take.

  1. Don’t stand or sit in a single position for too long to avoid putting pressure on your feet.
  2. Spread your feet with socks at night to prevent the skin on them from becoming dry.
  3. Check your feet regularly, especially if you have diabetes or other conditions, e.g., eczema, which cause dry skin.
  4. Use a pumice stone a few times a week after you shower to stop your skin from thickening.

In all, cracked heels remedies will repair the damaged skin on your feet if you apply them consistently. Try a few of them and ease your pain today.

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