At the end of life, all our memories along with all our regrets are passing before our eyes. People are on a constant quest to lead a satisfying life. They work at a frenetic pace to achieve wealth and success.

The sad news is that they move in the wrong direction and make regrettable decisions. These are some ways people sabotage their personal success and relationships.

Common Mistakes People Make That Jeopardize Their Happiness and Success

Many people look at themselves in the mirror and are unhappy with their reflections. They wonder why they cannot reach achievement planes, no matter how they try. You may want to avoid the mistakes they make to have no regrets at the end of life.

1. Fussing over physical appearance

How you look matters in modern, face-conscious society, but its importance is insignificant. Physical appearance, height, and complexion account for 1% of a person’s success. The other 99% depends on his effort. If you wish to move ahead, remember Edison’s quote,

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

2. Wasting Time

You have heard that time is a great healer, and it is. However, people love to waste it. They spend it worrying over gossip and other trivial matters. If this is you, use it to create a success plan instead.

3. Following the rules

Rules are necessary for maintaining order, but following them without a thought to your needs is a huge mistake. What works for the rest of society may be unsuitable for you. A conventional career path, for example, may work for 99% of people. Your predetermined path, however, could be different.

4. Listening to parental advice

Parents and relatives give career advice with good intentions, thinking that following norms is the path to success. Again, what works for one person may fail for another. Their advice may prevent you from choosing the right career for you.

5. Not Taking Risks

Many people avoid dreams, whether in career or relationships. They fear failure and the shame it brings. However, it is by taking calculated risks that you can succeed. Shunning them may mean a life of misery and regrets at the end of life.

6. Complaining

Everyone has problems and needs outlets to vent their frustrations. Grousing is a common method of release. Complaining without taking action, however, gets you nowhere.

Common Mistakes People Make that Jeopardize their Relationships

Individuals who have healthy relationships with family and friends are joyful, have few health issues, and are tough when the chips are down. Why? Their connections provide support. Here is how you can avoid making mistakes that sabotage yours:

1. Trying to change others

People try to mold their partners, friends or children into beings that they can accept. Their egos tell them that theirs is the correct way to live. Their method of forcing others to accept their views can cause resentment.

Take a healthier approach and look inward. If your son prefers game development instead of accountancy as a career, try to show some enthusiasm. He may have discovered his path to success.

2. Discounting Shared Values

Many people follow the “opposites attract” maxim. They choose partners or mix with their diametric opposites. While nothing is wrong with that, the key to happy relationships is to embrace shared values. It is wise to choose a life partner who validates your views and habits, yet differs enough from you to broaden your experiences.

3. Cutting Out Social Relationships

Some people believe that being a recluse is the way to satisfaction. They find social relationships bothersome and shun them.

If you are unlike them and love to socialize, you have the perfect excuse. Experts believe that the better your social relationships, the longer your lifespan. Researcher Julianne Holt Lunstad of Brigham Young University collected data from 148 studies. She discovered that people with healthy relationships were half as likely to die of any causes than those who had weak social ties.

You can find fulfillment and avoid regrets at the end of life if you take steps to avoid success and relationship pitfalls.


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  1. Erik Thompson

    Taking a different perspective on your ‘Mirror Reflection’ that I believe is truly liberating and extremely beneficial.

    Do this whenever you hear someone talking negative about / towards you:

    Visualize yourself holding a mirror in front of you…what was said isn’t an accurate reflection of you, rather it’s a reflection of them.

    This is crucial for the following reasons:

    By deflecting inaccurate statements or even if they are true you know (and this is the most important factor) what really is true or chances are good you’ve beat yourself up enough and now you’re choosing to put this to an end.

    In other words – maintaining integrity.

    By responding you stop down to their level. Take the high road. They may initially dislike the fact you didn’t cave in but in time will grow to respect you.

    Lastly, this may seem obvious…but you can’t change the thoughts a particular person or group of people have about you!

    Many times we may think we can and perhaps we may even try but over the course of time I will behoove you immensely to save yourself some time and let the other come to their own conclusions.

  2. Tabitha cherono

    Accepting the way your life is and admitting to all situation facing you,will make a great achieve in you.

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