Do you feel like you fail to live your dreams? Let’s discuss the possible reasons why you find it difficult to live the life of your dreams.

Some people just seem to have all the lucks. They are financially abundant, they follow their dreams, they get paid for it. Even if they relax and take it easy, they still achieve more than you. They seem to take the right action at the right moment. Their lives are full of joy, success, and happiness. You just don’t have that, yet. You work hard, you try to follow their path, but success is nowhere to be seen. As a result, you feel like you fail to live your dreams.

Sure, these people are good at what they do. But come on, they are not that good, they are not that better than you. But how come their lives are full of candies and balloons, where yours is a battlefield?

Do they know something that you don’t?

8 Possible Reasons Why you Fail to Live Your Dreams

1. You are too busy

Those lucky people have no idea what you are going through. Your day job eats you alive. And you still have to stick with it because you have a family to take care of.

You don’t get enough sleep, you don’t even have time to work out. By the time you get home from work, you are too tired to move. You gather your leftover energy and sit on the couch, watching your favorite movie series.

You are just too busy. Guess what? You are just describing a common thought of most people. Everyone is busy these days with their jobs and families. But if you really want to make time to live your dreams, you can make time.

2. You have too much to lose

It can be intimidating to think that you have to restart all over again. Especially when you are in your mid-career, where you accomplished a few things in your soul-crushing career. Yes, you hate your job. But you have gone too far in it. If you restart, you will lose everything. That thought scares you.

You know what, that’s why most people fail to live their dreams. So many of us make decisions based on our fear, not our hearts. We can rationalize, justify and convince ourselves to make those decisions.

3. You want shortcuts

“Easy money”, “Get rich quickly”…

Sleazy sayings but yet so many people fall for them. Because people love instant gratification.

If I tell you that I have a way to make you incredibly rich, but you have to work 12 hours a day non-stop, even on weekends, for a period of 5 years without seeing any result, I’m sure you will stop reading my post and maybe put me into your not-to-read list. But think about it this way.

Many people go to college and spend 4 years just to get enough knowledge and increase their chance to get a job, why do you get frustrated and disappointed after 2 months of trying? There is no shortcut to success. Remember, the level of success you get is equal to the amount of time you spend on your dream.

4. You hate failures

If I tell you I love failures, I will have to lie through my teeth. Nobody loves failures. But here’s the painful fact. You will fail. More than one time, even for the same mistakes.

But instead of letting it defeat you, failures are the best teachers in life. You will learn things the hard way, and when you have it hard, it is much harder to forget. Embrace yourself, prepare for failures and get ready to learn as much as possible. This is the only way to live your dreams as a result.

5. You don’t work for it

You can make a long speech about the things you want in your life, and all the steps you will do to achieve them. But when you talk about it, you always say “one day,” you will have them. You procrastinate and you defer your life to the future. You dream of a better future with a better version of yourself, where your future self can easily do anything you ever want to do.

Guess what? It’s not going to happen. Who you become tomorrow is determined by what you work on today. There is no magic elevator can take you straight to the top, you have to climb the mountain yourself if you want to live your dreams.

6. You don’t focus

How many goals do you want to achieve? Let me guess, countless. Because we just have so many things we want to become. We watch American Idol and we dream of being a singer. We watch So You Think You Can Dance and we want to be a dancer. We see some crazy tricks of some magicians and we want to become one.

Those things are cool. And we love being cool. But instead of spreading yourself too thin all over places, think about what really important to you. Focus on that one goal and forget the rest.

7. You have doubts

If you restart your life, you will be an amateur. Many people have started before you, and many of them have succeeded. They know their stuff, they are talented while you are not. You don’t believe you have what it takes to succeed. You don’t believe in your abilities.

When you have doubts, no matter how hard you try, you can never reach your highest potential. You will reserve yourself for failures.

8. You are not committed

Highly successful people are committed to their dreams. They are willing to sacrifice other things in their lives if they have to. How committed are you and how many sacrifices are you ready to make in order to live your dreams?

Are you willing to give up your movie nights to work instead or get up early and do exercise? Are you willing to say no to your boss and say goodbye to your job promotion to focus on the things you want? Put yourself in a situation where you cannot back off from your dream. When you do, you have no other choice than hitting your targets.

Your dream doesn’t have to stay as a dream forever

Because you have the choice. Because it’s all up to you. Yes, it is so damn hard to get out of your comfort zone and make the first step. Life will knock you down, over and over again. And you have to learn to get back up and keep going forward.

The first few steps are the hardest. You can’t even imagine how painful and frustrating it can be. But you know what? It will all worth your effort, blood, sweat, and tears.

Because if you keep walking, one day you will be one of those people that you are admiring today. Because one day, someone else will see you, will look at you and think that you have all the lucks in the world. Because one day, they will think that you can relax and take it easy and still accomplish so much.

Sound like you are daydreaming?

You might be, you might not. It depends if you decide to make the move.

So get up, and start walking towards living your dreams.

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