When you’re feeling frustrated with your life, it means you’re upset about where you are at this point, and you feel incapable to do something about it.

But before we examine the causes of feeling frustrated with life, what exactly is frustration? In Oxford Dictionaries, the term is defined as the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

Some people are constantly worried and stressed out. Their jobs are too demanding and things start getting out of control. The stress and lack of progress are the causes of their discomfort.

Some are frustrated with other people. They feel like they cannot find compatible partners or friends. Others are frustrated with their own luck. They have the impression that the whole Universe is against them.

What’s with these frustrations? The more important question is: why do we all have them? There are several components to living our happiness depends on. When one of those components is compromised, it causes us to feel frustrated with our life.

Can we do something about it? Yes. Absolutely. We can deal with frustrations, but the starting point is understanding where they come from. When we discover the reason, we’ll be closer to the solution.

Let’s go through the most common reasons people feel frustrated with their life, shall we?

1. Failure

You worked really, really hard for something. When you didn’t achieve the results you wanted, the situation made you miserable.

We’ve all had our share of failure. Let’s take the most obvious example: a student. Imagine this student who is doing everything in his power to learn as much as possible. He attends all classes. He completes all papers on time. Still, it’s too much.

He decides to skip one chapter because he doesn’t have time to go through the entire material for the exam.

That’s the exact chapter his professor is most interested in, so the student gets tons of questions from it. This makes him feel frustrated. The grade won’t be a valid representation of what he knows. The student will fail the exam although he knows a lot. That’s a valid reason for frustration, isn’t it?

Life continuously puts us in challenging situations. We cannot win the battle every single time. The solution is in acceptance. When there’s nothing we can do about this thing we failed in, we have no other choice but to pick ourselves up and keep growing. We’ll do better. We have to keep evolving.

2. Money… or the Lack of It

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, there are six social factors that determine people’s happiness levels: GDP per capita, social support, healthy years of life expectancy, perceived freedom for making life decisions, trust, and generosity.

The countries that rank highly in these factors have the happiest citizens. Africa has lower levels of happiness when compared to the rest of the world.

You get the picture: the financial and social element is crucially important for our happiness. When you don’t have enough money, you don’t have security. You feel like you’re trying too hard and not getting enough in return for your efforts. As a result, you are feeling frustrated with your life.

The way out of this frustration? Just remind yourself that the financial struggles are a temporary thing. If you keep growing and learning, you’ll start doing better. Do not remain in the same place that doesn’t make you happy. Try harder.

Make a plan. Keep gaining new skills and knowledge. Take a risk and quit that job, so you’ll find a better one. Every frustration calls you to action. What will you do about it?

3. Comparing Yourself to Others

We live in a competitive world. We do everything with the thought of being better than others. That’s why we depict the perfect life on social media, showcasing only our finest moments and best-looking pictures.

This leads to an unhealthy attitude – we constantly check where other people are, so we’ll prove we’re better. Comparisons are sucking the joy out of our lives.

Maybe you’re not trying to showcase a perfect life via social media. Maybe you’re just a humble person, living your own life. Are you free of the comparison trap, though? Can you catch yourself thinking you deserve more than what other people are easily getting?

Do you feel frustrated with your life because others have better grades, jobs, cars, homes, and partners than you? You shouldn’t be.

You have to understand your true values. Is it progress, family, creativity, freedom, traveling, serving humanity, or any other goal? When you discover what really matters to you, you’ll start doing it not because you want to be better than others, but because you’ve found your calling.

4. The Feeling of Being Powerless

The world is an ugly place, isn’t it? Wars. Murders. Hunger. Discrimination. When you realize that you don’t have much power to change things as an individual, you feel useless. That makes you angry and leaves you feeling frustrated with your life.

You can solve the root of this problem by finding your source of power. Remember that you matter. You can change things. Even if you feed one stray cat today, you’ll make the world just a bit better. If you help people, you’ll be making a huge difference.

Do everything in your power to be useful to society. Useful to the world. You won’t make drastic changes, but you’ll be doing your share.

5. Not Appreciating the Things We Have

Dissatisfaction is at the root of every frustration. When you don’t have the things you want, you’re not at peace. You think that having a new iPhone will make you happier. When you get that phone, you’ll start desiring the new tablet and laptop, too.

When you get them, you’ll think of other things you don’t have and you really want. This is a bad thinking pattern. You’re constantly thinking about the things you don’t have, and the frustration never ends. The only solution is to replace this behavior with gratitude.

Researchers from the University of California and the University of Miami linked gratitude to greater happiness. They found that people who practiced gratitude felt better about their lives. They were more optimistic, too.

When We Eliminate Frustration, We Find Happiness

Frustration is the opposite of happiness. When we recognize the things responsible for us feeling frustrated with our lives and find the ways to deal with them, we’re slowly pushing ourselves towards a happier life. That seems like a goal that’s worth the effort, doesn’t it?

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