A fulfilling life can be great. It is what all of us strive for at the base of our existence.

Fulfillment is actually a happy and satisfying sensation, many people feel content to be parents, have a great job, or graduate from school. People often feel satisfied when something is finished, whether it’s a goal or a dream.

Here are 10 secrets to living a fulfilling life.

1. Appreciate The Challenges – They Give Perspective

Challenges can turn your life upside down, getting rid of everything that does not contribute to your happiness and growth. If you encounter difficulties, try to find the opportunities that come with them.

Avoid playing the blame game as it will not help you to do something about your situation. Instead, try using the remnants of a broken dream to create the foundation for something new.

2. Love Is The Key To Fulfillment

George Vaillant, a researcher acknowledged two pillars on which fulfilling life truly depends. The very first pillar that George Vaillant acknowledged as love and the second as the capacity to lead a life, which does not leave out love!

The study shows that success, wealth and health are not enough to really satisfy a person. A fulfilling life can be achieved through the support, affection, and happiness associated with loving relationships with family and a life partner.

3. Money, Power, And Lust Do Not Correlate With A Fulfilling Life

While it is true that career success is important to your sense of accomplishment, it is only part of something that is much bigger. In fact, money and power, when viewed in the context of life experience, lose their meaning.

It may well be that these two aspects are very important to us when we are younger. However, considering the importance of money and power at the end of life, one could see that these two have not contributed significantly to your fulfillment.

4. A Fulfilling Life Can Be Achieved If You Free Yourself From The Opinion Of Others

Instead of constantly asking yourself what others think of you, focus on what you feel inside you. After all, you can never completely influence how others think about you.

That’s why it all depends on what you think. And while you can look happy in the mirror, it may not be as important what others think of you.

5. Fulfillment Truly Starts From The Inside

Many people who want to live a more satisfying life are looking for impossible answers. It’s as if nothing from the outside world could fill our hearts and minds. Until we realize that the path to a fulfilling life begins from within.

Once we are able to find happiness from within, it helps us to discover fulfillment. If you are able to manifest your happiness from within, you are more likely to discover what makes your life truly worthwhile.

6. Follow Your Vision Or Purpose

Do you have a purpose in your life? Purpose gives you a reason to move on. Is there anything you really want to see implemented on this planet? Something much bigger you want to fight for?

Finding a true vision can significantly affect your satisfaction or fulfillment. Knowing that your efforts to make this world a better place will not only give you meaning in your life but will also bring you a fulfilling life.

7. Let Things Go To Get Something New

If your life has ever turned upside down, you’ll know how difficult it can be to rearrange everything. As difficult and painful as this situation may be, it also offers the opportunity to eliminate negative aspects of your life. In many cases, eliminating unknown aspects of your life leaves you room for innovation.

The same applies to the pursuit of fulfillment. A fulfilling life cannot be achieved by holding onto the things that pull you down. Let go and allow something new instead.

8. Full Attention And Self-Reflection

Mindfulness helps to cultivate happiness from within. It also enables you to be better at what you really are. In addition, the habit of self-reflection helps you find more meaning in your life experiences.

9. Take Pleasure In Other People’s Lives.

Many people believe that they lose opportunities by helping others. They think it is a waste of time to help other people. It’s just amazing to see how others are successful because you actually helped them to recover when they need you most.

There is no risk in helping other people, and you can truly achieve a fulfilling life through it.

10. Start Taking Risks

Fears not only limit our actions, but they can also severely limit our happiness. It may be nice to stay within the limits of your comfort zone. Only when you take risks and have the courage to explore new opportunities can you find true meaning and fulfilling life.

Simply doing what you have always done will not help you make sense of your life.


Very often we try to do the activities we like, spend money on the things we want, and so on. Over time, these decisions reinforce the idea that happiness is to feel good and get what we want.

A fulfilling life brings a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, that cannot be achieved from temporary or materialistic things.


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    Awesome post Mariya. I can tell through your writing that you have definitely overcome some pretty tough personal challenges to be able to write this because I noticed “moving on” seems like something very important to you. And that is probably one of the toughest things to do. One because it is a challenge in general. And two, because people never want to “hear it” until they finally take up the challenge of doing so.

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