All sorts of fine arts have been used as excellent tools for stress relief for many years now.

The healing properties of colors have been studied and proven, and many psychologists tend to recommend the usage of coloring pages or mandala coloring as a technique for relaxation, stress relief, and even meditation.

Many of us had forgotten the awesome feeling we had when we were children when coloring was our daily activity. Children can express various emotions and talents while coloring or painting.

One of the most creative and open-minded techniques is the so-called finger painting. It is fun to perform, and at the same time, has some serious therapeutic properties.

Without any restrictions, children dip their fingers and palms in various paints and create all sorts of abstract and figural artworks. They don’t care for the rules of perspective, proportions and other obstacles that make many adults quit enjoying the art creation.

This fact is the reason why children benefit from relaxing and healing art techniques. But, if we revoke our inner child and remember how great is just to create whatever your fingers lead you to create, then we might find the secret to everyday stress relief and better feeling.

Finger painting was officially introduced to the world of adult art education by American educator Ruth Faison Shaw in the 1930ties.

This great teacher and artist worked as an adviser to the Department of Psychiatry at Memorial Hospital at the University of North Carolina. Together with the psychologist John Thomas Payne, she has proven that finger painting has great healing properties and can serve as relaxation and stress relieving medium, as well as depression and anxiety therapy.

So, how can you implement this excellent technique to your everyday relaxation routine?

1. Forget the prejudices and obstacles that will make you quit.

Everybody knows how to draw and paint. Figural painting is not the only appreciated art movement. Remember that some of the greatest artworks are abstract. Just let go and create whatever your fingers want.

2. Don’t worry if things get messy.

Modern water-based colors are washable. You can wear old clothes and protect your working space with a large sheet of plastic wrap that you use for wall painting. Make enough of free space so that you can perform wider movements and even dance while painting.

3. In order to revoke your inner child, put on some favorite music that you enjoyed as a teenager.

The music will make a gate for the inner child to come out. Eating a small amount of chocolate before starting can also help. If you are worried about sugar intake, there are sugar-free chocolates. What’s important here is that your taste buds give the signal to your brain to release the childish happiness.

4. Don’t judge yourself and compare to other artists.

Your finger-painted emotions are unique, and they represent the image of your soul. Enjoy the variety of mediums. You can even create wearable art, such as t-shirts, bags, dresses by using the textile dyes.

Also, you can paint on the glass, porcelain or furniture. Your creativity will flourish once you start feeling free of any prejudices.


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