Once you release the negatives, your body and soul become receptive to positive vibes. Find out how to bring good energy into your life.

Sometimes the aura around someone is so overwhelming, that a heaviness hovers in the room. This swirling black mass of invisible energy drains the very life force from those it frequents and leaves them devoid of substance, ambition, and motivation.

At various points in life, most everyone endures difficulty in some way, shape or form. The trick is not how to avoid it, but how to deal with it effectively. Since adversity and privilege are opposite sides of the same coin, it makes sense that we would encounter them from time to time.

Our moods are affected by our lifestyle choices, challenges and the opportunities we’re faced with, and most importantly the attitudes we adapt to the life we live.

Part of being able to live a life of substance and emotional intelligence requires that we are astute enough to recognize the negative energy that pervades our life and to muster our resolve to minimize its impact and replace it with life-changing positive vibes.

This guide will show you precisely how to sow the seeds of positive thinking in your mind so that you too may enjoy an enriching, fulfilling and rewarding life!

#1 To Live in the Present You Need to Let Go of the Past

It seems almost counterintuitive that anyone would believe that moving forward is possible without letting go of whatever it is that’s holding them back. However, you would not believe how many people cling to the relics of the past, the emotions of the past, the ideas of the past and the mistakes of the past.

The good news is that the past is behind you and you are free to take with you precisely what you want that is good, wholesome and healthy from the past into the present. Everything that is an encumbrance, a leg iron, or even a painful memory needn’t be that way indefinitely.

Start working on what you have, not what you had. Self-awareness and self-appreciation go a long way towards rectifying the failures of yesterday and making tomorrow a prospect worth living for.

#2 Pay Scant Attention to the Negatives and Focus on Positive Affirmations

It is true that toxic thoughts lead to a toxic life. Believe it or not, there is power in positive thinking and one of the healthiest ways to live your life is by adopting a positive mindset. When you focus on negative energy, you invite that energy into your life.

In much the same way, positive affirmations and thinking have the capacity to attract positive vibes and change your life for the better. Adopt the glass is a half full attitude as opposed to the glass is a half empty attitude. You will be pleasantly surprised by the power of positive thinking. Anything negative is simply not worth focusing on, so why bother?

#3 Be Selective About what you take to Heart

All the negative feedback you hear about yourself from other people is only good if you disregard it. Constructive criticism is a different ballgame entirely because it is given to you by people who have your well-being at heart.

When you focus on the mistakes of other people – the glib tongues, the snide comments, the egoism, and the criticisms – you are effectively giving them power over your emotions. Why give anybody the right to control how you feel when they clearly don’t even have your well-being at heart?

Instead, you can choose to ignore them entirely, pity them, or find positives about them.

#4 The Power of Spirituality in your Life

So many of us get wrapped up in the cutthroat world we live in that we forget there is an entirely different realm that everyone exists in. We are physical beings and we are part of a metaphysical world where energy, auras, and universal forces impact our lives every single day.

Whether you choose a religion, spirituality or any combination thereof to direct the course of your life, it’s important to accept that there is something bigger than ourselves in this universe.

A life of substance is filled with meaning, and what better way to tap into that rich potential within you than psychic readings designed to evoke true love and happiness in your life.

There is no doubt that energy fields exist around every single one of us, and there are people with unique gifts and abilities which allow them to tap into our energy fields of yesteryear and tomorrow to unravel a great many mysteries.

Psychics can bring positive vibes into your life from tarot reading to love predictions, dream analysis, career forecasts and astrology readings et al. Another world of possibilities exists in concert with the world we live in. Tap into it and explore the myriad positive possibilities in a parallel realm.

#5 To Thine own Self be true

This Shakespearean expression – to thine own self be true – has gained tremendous popularity over the years. It is at its core a rallying call to one’s moral compass, sense of self, pride, and individualism. Simply put, it is a call to be true to yourself above all else; do not compromise your principles or your values or your affections for anything.

While there is perhaps a darker side to this expression – one of complacency and not resolve, that is best disregarded in the context of the power of positive thinking.

#6 Take an Active Interest in your Own Life

Too many people focus on the achievements of others. We tend to measure our own performance by setting milestones according to what others have achieved. But one of the best ways to attract positive vibes is to be present in your own life.

Keep your mind on your own achievements and off your fears. Strengthen your weaknesses and sharpen your strengths. That’s the true power of positive thinking.

#7 Breathe! Inhale Deeply and Let a Rush of Positivity Course through You

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, there is no better therapy than a few deep breaths. Three deep breaths usually do the trick for most people. But feel the air filling your lungs; feel that positive vibes rushing through your system and satiating you with the nourishment of life.

You’ll be delighted that you took a few moments to fill your lungs and your head with cool, welcome breaths. With that done, you can confidently advance to the next step – enjoying the rest of your day!

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