Do you suffer from persistent lower back pain? Fortunately, there are natural ways to ease it that you can use safely at home.

Whether you suffer from persistent lower back pain or not, you will probably agree that the human body is a true natural wonder. It possesses a variety of abilities and can do marvelous things. Just look at childbirth.

However, the human body can also be extremely fragile. Sometimes just turning too fast or lifting something heavy can lead to a variety of aches and pains. Amongst these issues, lower back pain is probably the most common one.

In fact, last year alone more Americans reported experiencing persistent lower back pain more than any other type of pain. Of course, there are prescriptions and surgeries available to treat persistent lower back pain, but it is also possible to alleviate it naturally.

1. Relieving Early Morning Pains

Back pain can strike at any time. A lot of individuals experience it in the morning so intensely that it makes it extremely difficult for them to get out of bed.

Well, you can keep a heating pad by your bed and apply it first thing in the morning when the pain is worse. This heat therapy will warm up the muscles, ease morning stiffness, prevent muscle spasms, and increase the blood flow in the area.

In fact, this is a good tactic that you can take advantage of any time you experience back pains.

2. Water Therapy and Exercise

Practicing certain exercises and stretches on a daily basis can help ease the persistent lower back pain as well. When you perform these exercises in a warm pool, you are going to double the benefits because you will be getting the relief from the heat of the pool and the relief from the exercises.

Look into hydrotherapy pool classes in your area. These classes usually include the utilization of a 90-degree heated pool. Even submerging in a long hot bath can go a long way towards relieving that persistent lower back pain.

Of course, you won’t get the benefits of the exercises, but this is a quick treatment option you can use at home as an alternative to the hydrotherapy pool.

3. Restore Your Body with Sleep

Did you know that pain is the lead cause of insomnia? It has also been reported that two-thirds of individuals who suffer from chronic back pain also suffer from some type of sleep disorder.

Unfortunately, inadequate sleeping hours and erratic sleeping patterns are just going to make the situation worse. To remedy this, you might want to try switching your sleeping positions or invest in an adjustable bed with a special mattress.

Even a pregnancy pillow might go a long way towards providing the relief that you are seeking.

4. Partake in Regular Massages

Any chiropractor will tell you that partaking in regular massages is one of the most effective natural ways to treat back pain. In fact, getting a back massage will boost the endorphins in the body. Endorphins are the natural pain relievers that the body releases to help ease the uncomfortable symptoms.

In addition to this, regular massages will increase blood circulation in the area, ease stress, and relax the muscles. You don’t even have to visit a professional, as there are a variety of massage chairs and devices available that can provide the relief you are seeking.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a type of traditional treatment that has been around for centuries. Although some people are a bit squeamish about having their bodies poked with sharp needles, it has been proven an effective natural treatment when it comes to dealing with persistent lower back pain.

The needles actually trigger powerful pressure points in the area. When these points are stimulated, it sends signals to the parts of the central nervous system that are designed to alleviate pain, thus providing the back relief that you are seeking.

6. Reduce the Stresses in Your Life

It probably doesn’t come as a big surprise that stress can affect you in a negative manner. Most individuals already know that stress can affect them mentally. However, they really aren’t aware of all the negative physical effects that it can have on the body as well.

When your body is stressed, it enters what is known as the “fight or flight” state. During this state, your muscles can get tense and your blood pressure might even rise. Tensing those already sore and tender muscles in the back will apply extra pressures that you will want to avoid.

7. Take Advantage of Capsaicin

Chili peppers are all around delicious, but did you know that some of their ingredients had powerful healing properties? That’s right, capsaicin is a substance that is found in chili peppers and when you apply it topically to the site of the injury or pain, it can reduce the pain.

It does this by reducing the amount of substance P that the body produces, which is a neurotransmitter that sends pain impulses to the brain.

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