Saying Meridian acupuncture would have gotten you puzzled looks years ago. People would have balked at the idea of someone inserting needles into their skin. But people have come to understand that meridians affect all parts of the body. Of course, they affect our well-being.

Meridian acupuncture has become an acceptable, natural health treatment. Of course, you should always consult a doctor before putting yourself through it.

So, what is this method and how can it change your life?

What Is Meridian Acupuncture?

It is a holistic health technique and an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is the process of triggering specific points in the body by massaging or inserting needles into them.

This practice, which originated in China about 2500 years ago, has gained popularity in the West. The Chinese used, and still use it to treat a range of illnesses.

12 points that will change your life

The Meridian System Chart

Meridian acupuncture involves accessing these systems through different points or meridians. Energy increases if you tap into them.

1. Lungs

First of all, is the lung meridian. This location is responsible for energy intake and breathing. Malfunctioning of this acupoint results in infections and inflammation. Also, the body becomes open to skin diseases.

2. Large Intestine

Then, we have the Large Intestine Meridian. The large intestine separates water from waste. An imbalance in this area leads to stomach pains. Emotionally, a person may find it difficult to let go of misgivings or hurts.

3. Spleen

The spleen ensures that the body gets enough nutrients. It also regulates blood flow. A malfunctioning spleen meridian will result in digestive issues, weak muscles, and fatigue. It may also cause brain fog.

4. The Stomach Meridian

Digestive problems have their origins in, of course, the stomach. This organ digests food and circulates energy to the spleen and intestines. Imbalances in this area can cause anxiety.

5. Heart

The heart meridian is also essential to our health. The heart circulates blood to the other organs in the body. A non-working heart meridian results in chest pains, irritability, and sleeplessness. It also brings about mental and emotional disorders.

6. Small Intestine

Furthermore, there is the small intestine channel. This Meridian circulates energy from food after the digestive system breaks it down. An unresponsive heart meridian may result in weakness, swollen lymph nodes, stiff shoulders, acne, nerve pain, indigestion, and bloat.

7. The Bladder

Another vital point is the bladder meridian. The bladder removes liquid waste (urea) from the body. If it’s not working, you may get a stiff neck. Your shoulders and back may ache as well. It’s also responsible for urinary diseases.

8. Kidney

The kidneys offer sexual energy. It controls how the reproductive system develops. This meridian is also responsible for bone marrow and blood flow. Genital disorders result when this acupoint breaks down. It controls your willpower as well.

9. Sex

The Sex Meridian envelops the heart. It lubricates this organ and draws excess energy from it. It stops the heart from being too energized.

10. The Triple Warmer

The Triple Warmer Meridien regulates metabolism and overall well-being. An imbalance of this meridian can cause many disorders.

11. The Liver

The liver meridian stores energy and controls how it flows through your body. A flaw in this meridian will cause your ligaments to become tense. It may also cause disorders like dry skin, PMS, vertigo, stiff joints, and headaches.

12. The Gallbladder

The Gallbladder Meridian eliminates bile from the liver. You may get bloat, liver pains, and jaundice if it doesn’t work.

There are meridians, and science proves it

Meridian acupuncture may seem far-fetched, but it is a natural, proven way to treat illnesses. Scientific research from the Seoul National University confirms that they exist.

North Korean scientist Dr. Kim Bong Han showed that our bodies had meridians in the 1960s. He found tubes just beyond the blood and lymphatic vessels. These are meridian lines. Present Korean researchers found that the Meridian System is our Primo Vascular system. They believe that it channels energy flow.

Also, Chinese researchers have shown energy flow through the meridian system using fluorescent light.

The Benefits of Meridian Acupuncture

This technique has definite advantages. Here’s how it can improve your well-being and change your life.

1. Reduces Headaches

First of all, researchers from the Center for Complementary Medicine reviewed 11 studies and found a common thread – Meridian acupuncture reduced headaches. Participants who received acupuncture saw fewer symptoms than those who didn’t.

2. Eases Chronic Pain

Also, the University Medical Center of Berlin examined patientswith chronic back pain in 2006. They compared those who received meridian acupuncture with those who didn’t get treatment. The symptoms were reduced in those who had treatment.

3. Treats Insomnia

The Beijing University of Medicinealso conducted reviews of research in 2009. It found that people who received meridian acupuncture slept better compared with those who had no treatment.

4. Boosts Cancer Treatment

Also, the National Cancer Institute supports the use of acupuncture for cancer treatment, saying that it balances the effects of chemotherapy. It prevented radiation from killing off healthy cells.

5. Prevents mental decline

Furthermore, research has shown that acupuncture can generate neural responses that prevent mental decline in patients with Parkinsons’ Disease. The Maryland School of Medicine found that 85% of patients who received meridian acupuncture showed fewer Parkinsons symptoms, such as poor motor skills.

In all, meridian acupuncture isn’t rocket science. If applied by a qualified acupuncturist, it can change your life.

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