Do you have doubts that your partner is not the one? You may need to evaluate if they are emotionally invested in your relationship. In the following post, we will look at the most common signs to look out for.

It’s likely that we have all been in a similar situation in the past. You are in a relationship with someone you really like and start to think they might be ‘the one’. So, you want to take it further and move into more serious and exclusive relationship territory. But, as much as you are ready to make that leap of faith, something seems off. Your partner doesn’t seem the same emotionally invested as you are.

Try as you might, there is no way you can really build a strong and lasting relationship with someone who does not have the same feelings and aspirations for the partnership as you.

If you are looking for Mr or Miss Right though, it may be helpful if you can spot earlier on in the relationship the signs that your other half is not as emotionally invested in it as you.

In the following post, we will look at the most common signs that you should look out for.

They Avoid Dealing With Issues

When issues come up, who is the one who takes the initiative to fix them? Is it always you? Does your partner avoid dealing with issues? Would they rather just pretend they don’t exist? This could be a clear warning sign that they are just not that interested in the relationship on a strong emotional level as you.

Solving problems within a relationship can only be effective if it is taken on by both parties. If they don’t want to work through issues and find solutions, it might be time to call it a day.

They Have No Interest In Initiating Sex Or Intimacy

Although sex and intimacy are very strong physical actions, they also have powerful and important emotions behind them. If you are always the one who asks for cuddles or tries to get your other half in the mood, it could be that they are just not invested in the relationship.

They Tell You They Are Unavailable Emotionally But You Ignore It

A common mistake that many people make when they are deep in the heady rush of lust and romance, is that your partner tells you to your face that they are not available emotionally.

This could be in their body language, their verbal language or actually uttering those very words directly. Although this is a big bold and flashing red sign that this relationship is going nowhere, many choose to ignore it.

Why would anyone ignore this? That age-old reason for thinking they can change them and be the one that will finally make them commit. Don’t make this mistake, people only change because THEY WANT to change.

They Forget Important Arrangements, Milestones, and Dates

In a relationship, there are lots of things that should be important to both partners. This includes those milestones such as 6 months, 1 year and longer anniversaries and other things like birthdays, etc.

Even on a more day to day, week to week basis, things such as events and invites are things that partners who are emotionally invested in a relationship find easy to remember.

If your partner seems to forget things like the above, it is more than likely they are just not interested in the relationship. People who want to be involved with other people do not forget things like the above.

They Often Make Plans Without You

Following on from the above, another sign that your partner is not as emotionally invested in the relationship as you is the fact that they make plans and don’t include you.

While it is true that if you are in a relationship, not all your plans should involve and revolve around your other half. It is perfectly healthy to spend time with your friends without your partner.

However, if your girlfriend or boyfriend is always making plans that don’t involve you, without taking your feelings on board, it is probably not a positive sign.

They Avoid Conversations About Commitment and the Future

At the outset, we described that important time that comes along when you feel your relationship might be ready for the next step. However, as we also pointed out, you need to be aware of whether or not your partner feels the same way, by looking for the signs above.

Another big sign that they are not emotionally invested in the relationship is actually the fact that they have no interest in talking about commitment or the future.

For instance, if you try to broach the subject and they interrupt, change the subject or tell you ‘they aren’t ready to speak about this right now’. This is not something you should just brush off as a timing thing. It is a clear sign they don’t value the relationship or want anything serious.



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