Do you feel like falling out of love with your partner? If the signs below are ringing true for you, then it may mean that your romantic love is dwindling.

Not all relationships are built to last. Some are short are intense whilst others fizzle out slowly over time. Both can be extremely hard to process. Falling in love is a rollercoaster of emotions and so is falling out of love.

But how do you know if romantic love is dwindling? Being in a relationship has many highs and lows. So it can be confusing to work out if your relationship is heading to a dead end. These signs will help you figure out if you’re falling out of love.

1. You stop making future plans together

In the early stage of love, couples tend to imagine how their future life together will be. Where they will travel, what their wedding will be like, how many kids they will have…the list goes on. When you start falling out of love, these conversations start to become less frequent.

Short-term plans like paying rent, visiting friends and family and what to have for dinner take over instead. The lack of future dreams can be upsetting. It often leaves people asking the question: ‘Where is this actually going?’

2. You stop letting the little things go

When you’re in love, you have a great deal of patience for your partner’s less endearing qualities. Things that once were cute to you no longer have the same appeal. You may find yourself being more judgmental of your partner and getting irritated quickly.

In turn, you may notice your partner is getting equally short with you.

3. You’re less interested in experiencing new things with your partner

When you first start dating someone, you want to try new things together. You expand each other’s horizon and life seems fresh and exciting. When you start falling out of love, you tend to stop experiencing new things with your partner.

You favor adventures alone or with friends and don’t invest in quality time with your partner. If you want to salvage a relationship, new shared experiences is a great place to start.

4. You don’t check in with each other as often

When you’re deep in love, being apart can be painful. You feel the need to call your partner and let them know how you much you miss them. You want to share the details of your day that you haven’t shared together, even if they are seemingly mundane.

When love starts to fade, partners may still check in but the conversational will be more functional. Calling your other half becomes more of a duty or habit, rather than a desire to share experiences.

5. You’ve stopped having sex

Love often fades with sexual desire. Lots of people often experience the pain of still ‘loving someone, but not being in love with them.’ A previous sexual partner starts to move into the role of your best friend. This is an upsetting process and can leave people with low confidence in themselves.

Tread carefully in this situation to avoid hurting each other’s self-esteem.

6. You fantasize about life would be like without them

Falling out of love makes you question ‘what if?’. ‘What if you and your first boyfriend had stayed together?’ or ‘What if you had taken that job overseas?’ You know when your relationship is heading for a dead end if you start resenting your partner for choices you didn’t make.

7. Everything feels a little bit tired

When your relationship is heading to a dead end, it’s hard to inject energy into any area of your relationship. Everything feels a little bit routine. If you can’t find ways of making the relationship feel fresh again, it may be time to call it a day.

8. You feel alone

Being in a partnership can be the loneliest place to be. This is confusing for people as they start to fall out of love. It’s also hard to communicate to people around you. Single people often look at couples and think how lucky they are. The chances are, if you feel alone, then your partner does too.

Try and talk through these emotions and see where it takes you. Be honest with each other and yourself.

If the signs above are ringing true to you, then you may be falling out of love. Having said this, relationships go through many phases. It’s entirely possible to go through phases of feeling distant from your partner that you can recover from.

The first step should always be talking with your other half, agreeing if you want to make the relationship work and then taking steps to change. Remember that there is no shame in falling out of love. It’s kinder to both people in the relationship to move on when the time is right. It will lead to a happier future in the long run.


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