Being in a long-term relationship with someone, you start to notice small but subtle changes in your actions, and more shockingly, the things you are comfortable with.

While some of these things may take some time to warm up to your partner, being with them for an extended period, you may not notice these few things once the both of you come around.

Here are some of the weirdest things most couples in long-term relationships do.

1. Laundry Day Is Funny and Irritating

Laundry day is dreaded in my household. Why, might you ask? Not for the sheer amount of laundry two people seem to produce, but for the simple fact of, it becomes a game.

My partner thinks that if he changes clothes or layers up with numerous clean items, he does not need to put them away. It becomes funny when it comes to my clothes. You will find that your shirts and theirs will become interchanged easily, and pajama pants are fair game.

2. Binge Eating Is Totally Okay

The week after going to the store and your first day off, you typically munch on all the new goodies you pick up. So when both of you are home, vegging out on the couch watching Netflix all day with an endless stream of snacks is to be expected.

Would you typically eat this much food? Probably not. Since it is your long-term partner, you doubling your calorie intake for the day is not too important at the time.

3. You Use Each Other As Scapegoats

When the occasion arises, sometimes you both get into commitments that you really don’t want to attend. The joy of being with someone is that they are your most common fallback. Oh, your friends want to take you to some dreadful restaurant?

Your partner is sick and desperately needs you to stay home. Have an awkward work party that your boss is pushing on you? A feigned turned ankle is the perfect solution, best of all, blame it on your partner, so you do not have to fake it. Is that bad, yes.

Chance karma one more day.

4. No Closed Doors

One of the most noticeable changes in a couple is how doors are almost always left open. From using the restroom, showering, or changing, the doors are just simply obsolete. At first, I thought that would never be me.

Well, almost two years into my relationship, having lived with my partner for most of that time, I find myself wondering why the door was closed. While discretion is nice, conversations often carry from room to room, and doors only muffle.

5. No Nose Is Safe

With no doors being closed, there is a safe assumption that you and your partner have been getting more comfortable with each other. Altogether, it means no more holding back gas like you had to on your first date!

Each and every one of us needs to release this air from above or below, so after a time it just becomes the norm. While you need to remember that in public, others may not be as comfortable with your personal freedom, it can always be blamed on your partner.

Long-term relationships are as wondrous as they are challenging. So while yeah, you may have some low points, you always have to remember the good times, the laughs, and the tears of happiness.

These are going to be some of the best times of your life. Enjoy them for yourself and with your partner.



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