Unhappy marriage signs are what some never envisage for their marriage. When a couple gets married, they usually aspire to do so for life – or at least for a long time.

Sometimes your desire is fulfilled, but in others, everything goes overboard simply because of unhappy marriage signs and the relationship that was once promising, unfortunately, comes to an end.

What did I do wrong? What is not wrong?

These are questions that surely cross the mind of at least one of the members of the couple after the break. However, this usually does not happen overnight, and it is often possible to avoid it if you pay attention to certain unhappy marriage signs.

An unhappy marriage is actually one of the biggest marital issues we have today. This leads to other problems such as depression and other psychological disorders. The high divorce rates are realities to the fact that the sanctity of marriage as an institution is being reduced day by day.

The unhappy marriage signs may begin to manifest at any time. Whether they happen at the beginning of the marriage or late, the important thing is that you spot them and decide whatmeasures to take.

1. Lack Of Communication

If perhaps you and your own spouse are having grave communication issues, it’s actually a thing you should worry about since lack of communication is considered the biggest trouble in marriage today. And if simply talking to your spouse has become rather heavy and difficult stuff, then you need to address the problem as to find out the root cause and then solve it.

2. Not Enough Time

Probably the most common indication of an unhappy marriage is that you don’t give enough time to each other. When a person does not receive the amount of time and attention he or she expect from a spouse, it encourages feelings of pain and disappointment.

Knowing the unhappy marriage signs before they get out of hand may help you restore your marriage. An unhappy marriage, as well as depression, go together. So, unhappy marriage signs must not be neglected by a spouse.

3. Lack of Emotional Availability

When you marry a person, you expect certain things from him or her. One of them is emotional support and intimacy.

The first stage of courtship, as well as marriage, might seem glowing and uncomplicated. A lightning relation, followed by a great and awesome wedding as well as a happy forever after only happens in dreams and fairy tales.

In true life, with these harmful unhappy marriage signs, your partner may become separated from you as time passes. The reasons for this can be multiple and some may even be justifiable. But it is a sure sign that marriage falls apart when your spouse is not there for you in your difficult times.

4. Boredom

This may seem rude or unpleasant, but if you are starting to get uninterested with your own spouse or if you have explicitly or subtly implied that they are boring, then it is undoubtedly one of the most disturbing signs of an unhappy marriage.

But it’s true. As the novelty of the relationship disappears, you tend to take things for granted and do not participate in your spouse’s daily life for the simple reason that you are not interested anymore.

5. The Absence of Physical Intimacy

This is another important sign that your marriage is in trouble. In case you and your own partner have this kind of issue, it may be a really bad sign. Infidelity is again one among the main reasons why people never have intimacy any longer with their partners.

And again, other reasons might be there, such as minimal or maybe no physical satisfaction with your spouse.

6. Regular Conflict

If you and your partner are regularly arguing, it can be a sign. An unhappy marriage, especially when children are involved, is the most difficult to deal with. The constant struggle and possible abuse can put a lot of stress on children’s psychology as well.

7. Lack Of Appreciation

One of the spouses develops a superiority complex and the other may feel inferior. An important reason for this is that the hard work done by one of the spouses is rarely appreciated if ever. Lack of appreciation Is indeed one of the unhappy marriage signs you must be wary of.

8. Constant Separation Phrases

If your spouse is continuously talking about divorce or perhaps separation, then this is truly a sign that you are not very happy in the marriage. If you know all the legal aspects of separation and divorce and make it a point to discuss, your marriage goes downhill.

Sometimes people take eyes off these unhappy marriage signs and later complain about the marriage, however, if you know how to handle them in advance the marriage issues can be solved more easily.

The signs which reveal if a marriage is unhappy may or may not be the same for all couples. Only you can really tell if your marriage is happy or not. Never make hasty decisions. Identify what you are doing wrong in your marriage and work to solve it together.


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