The numerous Himalayan salt benefits that have been introduced to the general public lately have amazed people all over the globe.

This has led marketers to promote it extensively by listing the plethora of Himalayan salt benefits all over the Internet. But should you jump upon the bandwagon and spend your bucks over a pack of this salt? Well, read on to find out if it’s worth your money or not!

Himalayan pink salt is an exquisite gift from nature to mankind. Hand-mined from the Khewra Salt Mines in the Punjab region of Pakistan, this salt is brimming with 84 trace elements including essential minerals.

It is said that Himalayan salt has numerous benefits – culinary, therapeutic and even aesthetic! This pure, unadulterated salt is free from any refining or processing, which makes it a totally natural product for consumption.

Natural Is The New Thing

The table salt you normally use is not in its most natural form. It undergoes rigorous refining processes and contains additives and anti-clumping agents as well. It is even treated with bleach to get the pure white color you might mistake as a good thing!

Himalayan Pink Salt, on the other hand, is all-natural. Even the iodine it contains is present in it naturally, instead of being artificially added as in table salt. Plus, the masses shifting to pink salt may not all be wrong in their reasoning that this alternative is cleaner and purer in comparison.

Moreover, the present times have recorded increased levels of toxins in salt due to oil spills, which has many people reaching for the pink salt bottles instead.

Himalayan Salt Benefits for Your Health & Wellbeing

Doubtful about consuming these aesthetic grains? Don’t be! There are many Himalayan salt benefits when it is taken in the right quantity. However, don’t get hyped up and consume too much of it, as it may actually result in negative consequences for your health as we all know that balance is the key.

A Better Salt, A Healthier You!

When taken in the right quantity, this natural salt with its antibacterial characteristics can aid in the strengthening of your immune system. Many people take brine baths or Himalayan salt soles to boost their disease-preventing abilities.

Himalayan Pink Salt, Your Gym Buddy!

Nutritionist Kelly Leveque claims that since humans require a balanced quantity of minerals and varied elements, Himalayan pink salt can aid in maintaining an electrolyte balance in their bodies. Plus, Leveque shares the opinion that pink salt can also aid in strengthening the bones.

Therefore, a Himalayan salt sole could be a great drink to have when working out.

Better Digestion, Faster Metabolism

Many sources claim that these pretty and pure grains will help you in shedding a few pounds. Well, Himalayan salt does give your digestion abilities a boost, and that could help with reducing the fat as well!

These fine grains will aid in the production of amylase by stimulating your glands to produce it, which will help in digesting the carbs in your body much faster and easier.

More Himalayan Salt Benefits

At the same time,Himalayan Pink salt is not just limited to culinary use. Go take a pinch of it from your kitchen and experience the other wonders it can do for you.

Nasal Irrigation:

Blocked nose, severe sinus, and cranky mood? Consider this natural remedy of trying nasal irrigation through salt, which will aid in removing irritants through physical flushing.

Of course, high-quality salt is recommended for this process, and nothing could be better than pretty pink Himalayan salt for this purpose.

A Spa At Home!

Secretly wishing you too were a celebrity with a spa at your place? Here comes again, these pink grains to make your wish come true!

Be it aesthetic nourishing body scrubs, a de-stressing mineral soak, or a relaxing atmosphere comparable to the spas, Himalayan pink salt can help you get all that.

Nourishing Scrubs:

Pamper yourself every day by creating nourishing body scrubs and bath soaks that’ll detox and exfoliate your skin at a much lower cost.

Salt Lamps:

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Create the dim, aesthetic environment you find in salt caves by getting yourself a Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps give off an aesthetic warm-colored glow that creates a calm environment that is relaxing for the mind.

Plus, these orange-pink rays will remind you of the sunsets of Miami beaches, helping you de-stress after an exhausting day.

That’s not all though. Salt lamps are also claimed to affect your physical health by releasing negative ions, although different opinions exist regarding this.

Negative Ions:

If salt lamps indeed release negative ions, it could mean that they have significant therapeutic powers. The positive effects of negative ions are multitudinous, and indeed, a salt lamp emitting negative ions is adequate to nullify the harmful effect of positive ions, which may prove to be soothing and amazingly de-stressing.

Plus, some studies also corroborate the fact that negative ions boost our energy levels and help with stress by increasing the level of oxygen and serotonin in our brains.

Soak in the Himalayan Salt Benefits

Soak in the Himalayan Salt Benefits

Cramped muscles, sore body, and a yearning for a good hot soak in your bathtub today? Go extra! Add these beautiful pink grains in your tub to get a relaxing and hydrating salt bath, comparable to that of a fancy spa, but for much fewer bucks.

Get your skin thanking you as it soaks up the minerals from the water, while muscle cramps ease and get relax. Hot water baths have never been this good!

Pretty Salt, Prettier Skin!

Like how pretty this salt is? The good news, this salt is ready to share its aesthetics.

The pretty pink Himalayan salt grains will aid in deep cleansing of your pores, exfoliating your skin, and helping it retain its hydration. Plus, you can even use this salt as a facial toner that your skin will be happy to have!

Well, are you convinced yet? Try it for yourself! Get yourself a Himalayan salt bottle to see if it works for you. Good luck!

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