Is your marriage in trouble? Do you wish to improve some things to make it better? Maybe using techniques from family therapy experts can help.

Being married isn’t the fairy tale we dreamed of as children. No, sorry to burst your bubble. But marriage is something much deeper than that. Although your marriage isn’t perfect, it can still be magical in a way. With family therapy, if your relationship is less than desirable, you can make it better. You can actually have a happy marriage.

Techniques that work!

Family therapy techniques provide help for both partners of a marriage. You will learn about the negative things you need to eliminate, along with the positive attributes which should be reinforced. Together, with a therapist, you can transform your marriage from mediocre to something exhilarating.

All it takes is a little work. Try the below lessons from family therapy and see how these techniques work for you.

1. Imago therapy

This type of family therapy focuses on behavioral and spiritual angles. During the therapy session, an emphasis is placed on communication and why this communication is being broken.

This therapy is so important because if communication is broken between both partners in a marriage, then one or both partners will seek communication with someone outside the union. This is always a big no-no.

In most situations, couples see only negativity in the conflict. This is where most couples fail. When conflicts arise in the marriage, Imago therapy takes a close look at the actual conflict and whatever solutions can be found within the disagreement. Basically, Imago therapy looks at the root of the situation and not so much at the symptoms.

2. Communication analysis

Speaking of communication, another technique shows you how to break apart what you say to each other. This analyzation helps you build healthy ways to conversate. The truth about communication, as this technique teaches, is that healthy discussion during conflicts is not easy. It takes a conscious effort to watch what you say and how you say it.

Remember, just because you understand your viewpoint, this doesn’t mean that your partner will understand. This is the most important reason for communication analysis. Learning better ways to get your ideas and feelings across will nourish your relationship.

3. The Gottman technique

The Gottman method has been tried many times and proven to be successful. This therapy concentrates on respect and affection. When you’ve reached an impasse, this technique teaches you how to communicate calmly instead of through anger.

One of the best qualities of the Gottman method is that it prompts you to take a psychological look at your partner – What stresses them, their joys, and their hopes. It also helps you understand their histories and how that plays into their present actions.

Also, commitment and trust are suggested in order to manage conflicts instead of resolving them. The idea is that the conflicts will resolve themselves during this therapy.

4. The emotion-based method

This type of therapy works for couples as well as for other family dynamics. It has been proved so successful that 70% of marriages in trouble have been moved to recovery. A larger improvement has been seen with 90% of couples.

What this therapy is built on is emphasizing a temporary solution in order to create a strong bond between partners. With this strong bond, couples can find permanent fixes to problems. It has been one of the things that help those who are suffering from depression due to marriage problems.

5. Positive psychology

Many times people build their idea of happiness around what someone else can provide for them. In truth, happiness is a state of mind. This is the primary idea behind positive psychology. This therapy also urges you to live in the moment and embrace the emotions you’re feeling in the present.

Therapists often get couples to keep a journal of their various experiences from day to day. The record, over time, conditions you to take life as it comes and process emotions in this manner.

6. Root exploration therapy

One therapy used successfully is root therapy. With this method, therapists help couples face their problems by examining what might be the root cause of what’s wrong. Some couples have the same reasonings for the way they act, while others have roots in separate areas.

What this family therapy technique does is help couples recognize irrational responses when having disagreements. You see, if you had an unfaithful parent, then you could possibly have unrealistic expectations of your mate. When there are unrealistic expectations, there could be jealousy or distrust.

Family therapy techniques help you see the big picture

If you’re having trouble in your relationship, you’re not alone. There is one thing you must remember, however. If these techniques seem too difficult to perform by yourself, then you should seek a family therapy professional to guide you. Your marriage is important, so always try to put your union at top priority.

No, marriage is no fairy tale, but it’s a special commitment that’s worth the work. I wish you all the best.


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