Normally people think that one needs to know whom s/he wants to become after graduation from the school that one needs to give birth to a child in her 20’s, something that one needs to become somebody big and important before turning 30.

Parents teach us to think this way from the early childhood and as a result of such stereotypes, in case a person does not happen to implement in life all of the above, s/he feels as if there is something wrong about him/her.

It leads to depressed moods and wrong perception of ourselves. People tend to become paranoiac because of this all.

What is important to remember is that we are getting older and saving is essential to provide oneself with livable sunset years. It gives a more secure feeling living with some savings in one`s pocket.

In case of no saving of money, there is a fear before tomorrow and panic inside questioning what to do and how to live in further.

Here are some things you should start doing before you turn 30, which you will thank yourself for when you get older.

1. Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier than you used to wake up. This way, you will manage to do more things as long as there will be more time for doing stuff and since you wake up and get up earlier, you will go to bed earlier and sleep better. There will be no problem of trouble sleeping.

2. Watch what you eat

Start taking care of what you consume in food because even if now your digestion works well, metabolism changes with years and it become harder and harder to digest junk food you might get used to during teen years.

It is a right time to develop a healthy eating habit especially for those ones who work at the offices leading hardly moving the way of life.

3. Make friends

You might notice that with time, it is getting harder to find new friends and any friend that you find is older than you are. Your circle of communication changes just like the circle of your interests that is why people you see in your environment are older now.

Speaking of friends, in case of having any arguments with those ones you were friendly with long ago, hitting 30 is a good reason to let go of a bad baggage. Time to forgive and forget comes up.

4. Chase your dreams

If you ever had a dream or just a thought of doing something but considered yourself having no guts, no talent or whatever the reason was, turning 30 is a nice time to finally accomplish the task.

Of course, there might still be obstacles along the way but there is always something and at least, you would know you tried.

5. Start reading news

You need to know what is going on in the country you live in. You need to know what is going on in the world you live in. Things happen every day. The world changes daily.

It is even interesting to know, to share with others, to discuss, to analyze. Especially if to change the world is in your plans, you need to know what to change.

6. Do a technology detox

Begin learning how to relax and have a rest from devices life is full of nowadays. Virtual reality is cool but remember of real people and that it is better to have live communication with them instead of using social media all the time.

In addition, the world is beautiful and living staring in your phone or tablet all the time, you might miss the natural beauty of the world.

Also, among the rest, the thirties is a good age to find organizations to be dedicated to. It is especially popular among celebrities. People tend to follow their idols.

We copy hairdo, style in clothes, even do surgery etc. Why not copy habits which are truly important and useful?

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