It’s easy for us to brush things under the rug when a friend or colleague says something hypocritical.

Often it’s something not important and it’s easier to ignore it than bring it up. But it’s important to be able to identify when someone is being a hypocrite. Whether that’s to point it out to them or to walk away entirely.

Below are some key indicators that should help show up a hypocrite, what you do next is up to you.

1. They will always win.

If you catch out a hypocrite in a lie they have told or catch them gossiping behind someone’s back, they will never take the blame. A hypocrite will always spin the argument so they are the victim, no matter what has been said.

If you are the one to highlight their fault they will call you petty and list all the things you have done in the past. They do this in the hope that it will make them look less guilty.

2. They are all talk, but no action.

A hypocrite is an ace at talking the talk. They are excellent at turning on the charm and offering up advice, their help or support. However, a key indication that you are dealing with a hypocrite is they will always let you down.

When it comes down to it, they will let you down. If they offer to be there for you when you have had a break-up or looking for a new job, but when you want to meet up, have a chat, they are nowhere to be seen.

3. They are loud with their opinions.

Hypocrites are often loud when it comes to expressing their opinion on an issue, often it’s louder when it’s something contentious such as abortion. They will make it very clear what their opinion is, and why they are right and you are wrong.

However, often hypocrites in practice may not act on their beliefs. They are quick to judge and quick to let people know how they feel, this often leads to them looking very silly.

But a normal person wouldn’t put it out so it often goes unnoticed. Hypocrites also give out lots of advice, whether it’s asked or not. They think they know best when it comes to friendships, relationships, work or family problems and whilst the intention is to be helpful often they just want to know what’s going on, rather than actually wanting to help.

4. They are the chief gossip

Hypocrites love to gossip, they love to know what everyone else is doing, who they are seeing, who they are friends with and what they are doing. They love to know the in’s and out’s of otherpeople’s relationships and friendships.

But what they love most is telling others, they love to gossip. Sometimes hypocrites will even make up the gossip if it’s not juicy enough. It can be hurtful and upsetting when you are the subject of this untruthful gossip. This is the time to speak up!

Hypocrites exist everywhere, in work and amongst friends. Whilst we often are all guilty of being a little hypocritical, it’s important to speak up against friends who are hypocrites. They don’t make good friends because, in the long run, they only ever think of themselves.



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