Expressing yourself through the different languages of love will have a great impact on your relationships. Many of us struggle to express our love for others. Such obstacles to communication are not limited to romantic relationships.

They extend to family, friends, and colleagues. Making our feelings known to our loved ones is essential, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Expressing love through different languages, seen in simple gestures, makes a positive impact on our relationships.

Reasons You Cannot Express Your Feelings

Communication may not be second nature to you. Learning why you have difficulties sharing your feelings will make it easier. Self-awareness goes a long way. For a start, you may be afraid of having conflicts with others.

You would rather withhold your feelings from your loved one than become involved in an intense quarrel. Your parents may have brought you up to believe that you should not display your emotions openly because that makes you vulnerable.

Consequently, you may think that you are not entitled to express your feelings or that others would reject you if they knew how you felt. You may indulge in passive-aggressive behavior if you want to elicit guilt from others.

This behavior may cause you to develop a bad habit of holding back. Everyone wants to play the good guy. To project the image of tolerance, you hesitate to let others know how angry you are. You rein in your emotions, thereby preventing clear communication.

Why It Is Important to Express Your Love

You may find expressing your love akin to walking on water, but remember that there is a price to pay for not doing so. This may create problems in your existing relationships because others misunderstand your lack of communication as coldness. You lose out for holding back.

Outward expressions of love make a person feel valued. They make others aware that they mean something to you and remind you to cherish the positive things in your life.

Expressions of love shape your relationships. They tell your loved ones that they are special. A warm handshake shows your colleagues that you have noted their contributions. In all, expression touches and affirms.

5 Ways the Languages of Love Improve A Relationship

Using love languages will reward you with healthy relationships. Find out how they do so.

1. Service

The most loving act you can perform is to do something to make someone’s day. You can help friends by offering to babysit or cook them dinner. Small acts like taking in the laundry or washing up can make a lasting impression. Everyone radiates positivity when their loved ones make their lives easier.

2. Quality Time

Your loved ones may not want wealth or huge plates of food; all they want is time with you. Spend it with them, discussing matters like career, aspirations, and challenges. The togetherness will tell them that they are appreciated.

People cherish your full, undivided attention. Such quality times mean putting everything aside so that you can be fully present when you interact with your loved one. You may discuss anything under the sun, including your goals, dreams, and challenges. The aim of setting aside such personal time is to be together.

3. Affirmation

A warm comment can make a person’s day. Simple words like I love you,” “You can do this” or “I believe in you” may give them the encouragement they need to combat their challenges. Insults, on the other hand, can turn an otherwise positive day into a dreadful one.

4. Gifts

Do not equate this with materialism. Most people do not consider the gift itself; they think about the thought and effort behind it. To some people, gifts are the ultimate expression of love. They would feel rejected if you give them something thoughtless. Generosity rings with them.

5. Physical Touch

We have known for the longest time that humans communicate love through physical touch. Research has proven that babies whose parents kiss or hold them showed more maturity than those whose parents left them alone.

Touch also communicates love between couples. Embracing and other kinds of sexual and non-sexual touch tell your spouse that you love him or her. A brief caress speaks volumes. Sitting together and watching a television program shows a person how much you love them. Besides, it only takes a moment. Touching is a useful form of communication, especially if you aren’t very expressive.

Discover these love languages and transform your relationships for the better.



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