Saying the ‘L’ word in a relationship is a big step that moves it from dating to serious. There also are ways to express your love without saying a word.

The longer you are in a relationship, though, the more you will have said the words ‘I love you.’ Sometimes it can feel as though it doesn’t have the same power that it did the first time you said it, even though your feelings may have grown and become more powerful since then.

Sometimes you want to find new ways to express your affection to your special someone. How to make your partner feel special and loved without having to say the words themselves?

To help you do this, we have gotten ways to say I love you without having to say a word at all.

1. Flirt

Remember when you first started dating? The fun dates, the flirting, the palpable atmosphere. If you want to remind your partner just how much you love them, remind them of how it all started.

Take your partner on a date, treat them and flirt a little bit. It will remind both of you of just how far you have come and just how attracted you’ve been to each other since day one.

2. Support one another

An important aspect of a relationship is the support that it brings to both partners. Support your partner in their passions, when they’re stressed out, and when they just need a hug.

Sometimes actions speak louder than words and giving them the support and love they need at the right time will say I love you a lot louder than the words themselves.

3. Be thoughtful

Falling into a monotonous routine is an easy thing to do, as we simply set our sights on what we need to do next and it can make it easy to forget about making the other person feel special.

Cook a meal, clean up or do something just to make the other person smile. The little things that break the routine are the things that mean the most and really show how much you love your partner.

4. Reach out after a fight

It’s very easy to get a bit stubborn after a fallout, especially a particularly big one. Once you’ve both taken some time to cool off and calm down, don’t be afraid to be the first one to reach out.

No one likes arguments, so the faster it’s solved, and the willingness to be the first to back down, is one of the best ways to say I love you, whilst also perhaps saying, ‘I’m sorry’.

5. Make your relationship your number one priority

Your relationship should be of the utmost importance to you, and this should be reflected in how you behave towards your partner. That’s definitely not to say that other things, such as work or school should be sacrificed for the relationship, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to send a quick text or do something thoughtful for your partner.

If your relationship is ever called into question, your partner is the first one you should defend, after all, you guys are a team.

6. Acknowledge the little things

Saying ‘thank you’ and appreciating the little things that your partner does for you goes a lot further than people realize. Even just a smile and an acknowledgment of thanks can change someone’s mood and let your partner know you love them.

Reciprocating their loving gestures is even better. Both partners should feel appreciated and loved in the healthiest relationships.

7. Make a big deal of the big things

Celebrate the big achievements and occasions. If your partner has achieved something or gotten a promotion, make them aware of how proud you are. Showing your partner how much you care about what they have achieved is one of the greatest ways to say I love you without saying the words themselves.

8. Pay attention

Small details can make a big difference if they’re noticed. Your partner may mention that they want something in passing and remembering it can make them feel incredible. Taking note of what your partner mentions and acting on it is a perfect way of saying I love you without saying the words themselves.

9. Take some initiative

Clean the dishes if they’re piling up, do the laundry or vacuum without having to be asked. Even something as small as tidying up can make your partner feel special and loved without having to say anything. Do the things that neither wants to.

Call the plumber and get the sink fixed, get the bills paid or straighten out the kinks in the monthly budget, all the life admin things that no one ever has the time for. The little things speak volumes, especially in long-term or cohabiting relationships.

10. Stay committed

Above all things, to really show the love you have for your partner, stay committed. Even when things get tough, remind yourself and your partner that you are in this all the way. Keeping the same level of commitment and dedication to one another is what really makes a relationship strong and show just how much you love one another.

When you love someone, you want them to know, and similarly, when someone loves you, you’ll know. If you aren’t the sentimental type but want your partner to know that you love them, just think about the little things you can do to show your feelings without having to say it all the time.

Using the non-verbal ways to say I love you makes it even more special when it comes to expressing your affection to your partner.

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