The mystery of the psychology of attraction is that we never know when and who we are going to end up falling in love with.

We don’t know if we are lucky enough for it to happen more than once, or as some believe we only actually have one true love.

The romantics among us believe that when we do meet that person, everything just fits into the right place. Like 2 missing jigsaw pieces slotting together. According to the psychology of attraction based on a number of different studies, our hormones, interests hobbies and upbringing all have a part in who and when we fall in love.

There are a number of reasons why when two people meet they are instantly attracted to each other, get on with each other and want to pursue something further.

1. People can fall in love with someone who is very similar to themselves.

This would imply that you share the same interests, experiences, value and beliefs (religious or spiritual) and maybe even the same hobbies.

2. People can fall in love with someone who resembles their opposite parent (a girl picking a man who resembles her father).

It could be down to simply their appearance but also if the potential love interest has a similar personality, warm and caring for example.

3. People can fall in love with someone who smells good.

It’s been found that it isn’t down to the type of perfume/aftershave we use, it’s our natural scent. Women have been known to give off a particularly attractive scent when they are ovulating, which of course is linked to procreation and attracting a mate. They also found that women who were ovulating were attracted to men who had more testosterone.

4. People can fall in love with someone who has a good posture.

If you have a straight back and don’t slouch over, you look more inviting and someone is more likely to come over and say hello and the rest they say is history.

5. People can fall in love with someone who is the right height.

Women are more attracted to men who are taller than them, because of the idea of being protected and feeling safe. Women are much less likely to be with someone who is shorter than them.

6. People can fall in love with someone when they both experience an invigorating event.

Due to the high amounts of adrenaline that come with doing something such as a skydive it can make you more attractive to each other.

7. People can fall in love with someone who lives close to them.

If you live close to someone and see them by accident on a daily basis, you are much more likely to get closer to them and potentially fall in love with them.

8. People can fall in love with someone with a winning smile.

You are more likely to attract and be attracted to someone with a positive person with a nice smile.

Of course, all these reasons why, according to the psychology of attraction, you might fall in love with someone are all well and good but it’s better to get to know someone properly. A study has shown that you can become intimate with anyone if you ask around thirty-six questions in under an hour. Perhaps start with a coffee first.


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