A long-term relationship is not something just for the movies; you can have it in your day to day life, with easy steps.

When it comes to love, there is no set rule to follow, there are no guidelines that will fit every situation, which is when people get into trouble. However, there are small things that will ensure you are in a relationship that will last.

Evaluate Your Relationship

While this may seem like a tricky subject, it really isn’t. Not only do you need to be in an objective state of mind, meaning you are not dwelling on an argument, and you aren’t doting over a love letter your partner sent you.

The goal is to look at the relationship from an outside perspective. Is the relationship toxic, abusive, or do you feel in any way mistreated? Sometimes, the best thing you can do for a relationship is to take some time to work on yourself or move on.

Avoid Setting the Relationship Up For Failure

We all come with baggage, no matter what age we are or how many relationships we have been in, there is a past we are carrying. One thing both parties need to realize is that this new relationship is not like your last one – this one can be different as long as you understand what went wrong in your last one.

Hopefully, the time spent on these relationships has allowed you to gain the upper hand and make the changes you may have needed to make.

Do Something Fun Together

Before someone says, “I don’t have the money to go out” – that’s fine, light some candles and watch TV together curled up on the couch. If your partner is sad, find a way to cheer them up, even if it means tickling them.

Laughing and having a good time together releases dopamine, which in turn leads to happiness and a stronger emotional bond between the two of you. If you can afford to go out and do something exciting, by all means, do it, but it doesn’t have to be costly to get a laugh.


One of the downsides of a long-term relationship is that the amount of conversation can suffer. When that happens, you two will feel distanced. The only way to close that rift is to talk and put your emotions and cards on the table; it is time to open up again.

It can happen without notice until one day you are yelling at each other over small things that could have been resolved peaceably if you two had simply said how your day went.

Relationships are a full-time job; they require daily work and dedication. However, they are rewarding for as much as they are challenging. With both parties pitching in, you can achieve a long-lasting relationship from the movies.

Not every relationship will be perfect; there will be ups and downs, but it is how you and your partner stick together that will determine the true fate of the relationship.


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