If you’re in a healthy relationship, you will know by the characteristics displayed.

There are certain traits that define your partnership. In case you didn’t know, perfect relationships do not exist. However, healthy relationships do, and with the right balance, you can have a healthy relationship.

Yes, it’s possible to cultivate a great union with your mate. Now pay attention, because a relationship has the ability to make your life better or worse, and that’s the key to understanding what works and what causes problems.

Are you in a healthy relationship?

So, you know that it’s possible, but what does it take? A good relationship contains a combination of several aspects. First of all, you will want to find someone that you don’t have to fix.

I think this is the primary goal of finding the right mate. After you find the one that has potential, pay attention to these traits, both natural ones, and ones that develop during the union. And remember, take it slow.

1. Respect

This trait is an important one and without it, you basically have no real relationship. Your partner must respect you as a person, just as he respects himself. A good way to gauge respect is by paying attention to the language your partner uses when communicating.

What does he call you when he’s angry? How well does he listen? These small things can shine a new light on how he cares for you. Your feelings, standards and beliefs, they may seem alien to your partner at times, but they should always be supported in the relationship.

2. Honesty

I must admit, everyone lies. Don’t let this upset you because it’s all about the mindset. No, it’s never good to be dishonest and it does show disrespect, but there is a difference between someone who has lied and who is considered a liar. Never make lying a habit.

Dishonesty can damage a relationship beyond repair. A healthy relationship has few incidents of dishonesty and it grows stronger as a result of this. Pay attention to how often your partner lies. Are these habitual lies she tells? If so, then you might want to rethink your situation.

3. Independence

Every healthy relationship should remain independent on both sides. Both partners should retain their desire to do things on their own from time to time, and solo hobbies can be enjoyed without the need to feel constantly connected.

A nourishing relationship will thrive on time spent apart, making quality time together more nourishing for the soul. Don’t give up on things you love in order to mimic what your partner enjoys. Keep doing those things that bring you pleasure and this can inspire all sorts of positive results in your relationship.

4. Trust

Trust can be a challenging trait for some people in relationships. Trust issues can cause problems where things would normally be harmonious. In a good relationship, the trust will be easier than with an unhealthy union. The love that is shared will be peaceful and comfortable instead of enduring constant worry and pain.

In some cases, however, when past relationships leave damage, the trust will have to be earned once more, in a safe and loving environment. Sometimes healthy relationships can even heal trust issues from the past. If your mate trusts you, then you definitely have a head start.

5. Communication

A healthy relationship will include a communication from both sides. Partners who can talk about issues openly and fairly will be able to reap full benefits of happiness. Communication doesn’t just include discussing plans or boundarieseither.

Good communication when it comes to intimacy is also a plus. Never leave things to fester, if you are having issues in your relationship. Always talk it out and find a solution together. If communication is easy, then you are a step ahead already.

6. Maintain other relationships

This one is hard for some people in relationships. It is important, although, to keep friends and family close as well. Don’t give in to isolation, even when you feel like spending every moment with your mate.

At first, when the relationship is new, you will become greedy with your partner’s time, and sorry, this is just unhealthy. Make sure both you and your mate are spending quality time with family and friends.

7. Support

Always try to support your mate in their endeavors. If you have already found someone who is supportive no matter how ridiculous your plans may be, then you may have found the one. Support goes both ways, however, and so you must also be willing to support your mate as well.

Be patient during the times that things seem a little hard to swallow. Some plans are intimidating, but they could also bring you out of your shell.

Another form of support is physical support. In a healthy relationship, there should always be a willingness to pick up financial responsibility when needed. Also, feeling safe is another form of recognizing and appreciating a supportive mate.

8. Playfulness

Always flirt, even if the relationship has been going on for years. Never let go of the ability to be silly, and of course, romantic. If, after a year or so dating, you can still wrestle and chase each other around, then this is a sign that you could be in a healthy relationship.

Active happiness is a trait that not all relationships have, so make sure you appreciate this quality.

9. Fair play

Whether it’s fighting fair in arguments or refusing to be manipulative, you must be considerate in your relationship. Don’t try to force anything good out of your union by trying to control your mate. In healthy relationships, all things are fair play, and the goodwill comes naturally.

This includes resolutions when fighting. Now, there will be times when mistakes are made in this area, and that’s understandable. In fact, many people are unfair and just don’t see the truth of what they are doing. When you’ve met the right one, playing fair will come easily.

How is your relationship rating now?

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you may see problems in some of these areas. If so, the first thing you should do is communicate with your partner about the potential improvements that can be made.

If you see more positive results from these traits, then good for you! Maybe you are already in a healthy relationship, and it will only get better from here.

Good luck!


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