Did you know that your legs, your feet and hands have thousands of nerve endings in them? And each one can be used to stimulate your whole body?

Foot reflexology is an alternative healing method that has been used for centuries to help with problems disassociated from your feet. Foot reflexology is simple and effective for a lot of people, and all it takes is to know specific spots on your feet and massage them.

The process relates to the traditional healing process of acupuncture and focuses on stimulating points of the body to encourage balance, relaxation and healing. Obviously, it can’t cure everything, but reflexologists have claimed it has the power to help with things like sleeping disorders, high blood pressure and stress.

It has been scientifically proven to have four main positive effects on the body:

  1. Increased blood flow to the kidneys and intestines
  2. Positive changes in patients with kidney dialysis
  3. Relaxation effect with lowered blood pressure and anxiety decrease
  4. Pain reduction with AIDs, chest pain, diabetes, kidney stones and osteoarthritis

You can, in fact, perform a very simple foot massage to stimulate these spots on your feet and encourage relaxation in your body.

Massaging These Six Powerful Spots on Your Feet Can Change your Life

Massage these six spots on your feet to get you started with foot reflexology:

1. The Big Toe

By massaging the big toe you can help with your appetite control and as a result encourage weight loss, coupled with the right exercise.

2. The Center of your Large Thumb

This is the main access point to the pituitary gland, the primary hormone gland. If you suffer from hormone imbalance, you can pay attention to this area.

3. The Base of the Big Toe

Massaging this area is like massaging your thyroid gland, and can help relieve stress or tension. Even if you don’t suffer from stress, it can still be helpful and relaxing.

4. The Foot Center

At the center of your foot, a number of nerves meet, these nerves are connected to your diaphragm. By massaging this area you can help to relax your body, and any stress and tension. There are a number of techniques and ways you can massage to help with stress.

5. Inner Edges of the Feet

These areas of your feet are connected to the adrenal gland, and so by massaging this part of your foot, you can increase your energy levels.

6. The Area Close to the Heel

By concentrating on this area you can help to activate your excretory system and help to rid your body of any toxins.

Try to massage your feet on a daily basis and focus on any areas relevant to you to achieve the best effects, or see a professional to help with massage processes.

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