Getting up on the wrong side of the bed and feeling as though you’ve already expended your energy for the day isn’t a welcome feeling. High vibration foods will give you a boost.

What are they and why do we need them? How do we include them in our diets? We answer these and other questions in this article.

What Are High Vibration Foods?

These foods get their name because they provide energy and, therefore, raise the body’s level of it to a higher frequency. These foods are natural and toxin-free. They have the nutrients necessary to fuel the electrical currents in your body.

Any food consumed in its pure form gives off high energy. Your body absorbs it from the food you eat. Of course, the quality of that energy affects your health. Your vibration level will decline if it is low.

Why You Need Them

You need high vibration foods for one reason – to increase your vibration. Eating them will remove impurities in your body and allow the various systems in it to function. You’ll feel good.

You’ll discover the importance of having a high energy level as you learn the differences between low and high vibrations. The choice between them is a given.

Eating low-vibration foods will cause you to function at a low frequency. You’ll find yourself being overwhelmed by your challenges. Maintaining high energy levels will only be possible if you eat high-vibration foods.

8 Foods to Eat If You Want to Keep Your Vibration High

What does it mean to eat ‘high vibration foods?’ We know that we should eat health-giving foods that raise our energy levels, but finding the right ones to consume can be a headache. In general, high-vibration foods don’t have chemicals, additives, or flavorings. Let these suggestions serve as a guide.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

First of all are fruits and vegetables, grown via sustainable, hygienic farming practices. They gather the sun’s energy, which is an excellent high-vibration source.

2. Organic Foods

Whole foods, cultivated in fertile soil, and without the use of hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics, and with certification from governmental agencies are high vibration foods.

3. Superfoods

This widely-used term refers to foods that are chock full of nutrients. These foods include nuts, lacto-fermented vegetables, spirulina, and blue-green algae.

4. Raw Foods

Foods in their pure state retain their nutrients and give off a higher vibration than if you cook them. According to this study, uncooked foods have the propensity to control allergic, digestive, and metabolic problems.

5. Salt

Also, Himalayan Crystal Salt or Pink Salt, which comes from the depths of the Earth, are pristine because their minerals suspend in a crystalline structure, as a colloid. The colloidal form makes it easy for the body to absorb. Because it contains a lot of nutrients, they give off a high vibration.

6. Eating Reiki-Treated Foods

Reiki Food Therapy plays a part in enhancing the life force in our bodies. Reiki-infused foods release a chemical charge and other kinds of energy that promote healing. Eating Reiki-infused foods clears your body of debris clouding your energy and corrects imbalances in your body’s system.

7. Chocolate

The mere mention of the word ‘chocolate perks up anyone. However, we aren’t discussing chocolate as we know it- sweet and mouth-watering. Instead, it’s the raw form of chocolate- cacao- that should interest us. It has over 1200 phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

All derivatives of it, such as cocoa butter, powder, and nibs are Aall efficient at raising energy. This study proves that cocoa has flavonoids that boost cognition and therefore increase vibration.

8. Oil and Seasonings

Coconut oil is high in fatty acids, has analgesic, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It also contains lauric acid, which boosts metabolism.

Coconut water is highly alkaline and refreshing. It also balances hormones and therefore increases energy.

How to Make Sure That Your Vibration Is High?

We live busy lives, so it’s not easy to ensure that we get enough of these foods in our diets. It’s easy to forget them if they aren’t part of our daily routines. These hacks will serve as a guide to eating with high vibration in mind.

1. Make Fruits and Veggies Part of Your Diet

First of all, you already know that fruits and vegetables are healthy and full of nutrients. So you won’t go wrong if you make them part of your high vibration diet. You can prepare them in the form of smoothies, which are easy to consume.

2. Limit Processed Foods

Foods like canned sausages and luncheon meat have lots of preservatives and chemicals. They also lack fiber and other essential nutrients. Because they don’t take as much energy to digest, they will make you gain weight over time and make you feel sluggish. Your vibration will be low.

3. Cut Sugar

Sugar hides in foods such as condiments and non-dairy milk. Don’t discount low-fat milk and yogurt, as they contain the highest amount of sugar. Manufacturers add them to replace the flavor from the fat they take out.

4. Read Labels

Read the food labels if you want to stay in the pink of health. Avoid foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Go for whole foods that are ingredients in themselves.

5. Limit Alcohol

Alcohol has carcinogens and may cause weight gain. Consume it in moderation if you must.

6. Eat Organic Meat

Consume meat from animals that have roamed freely and fed naturally, not with corn or filler foods. Avoid meat from factories, as they are full of antibiotics and hormones.

7. Don’t Eat Refined Carbohydrates

These don’t have fiber and will digest too quickly. You’ll become hungry quicker than you’d like. Refined carbs turn quickly into fat. They make you feel loaded and exhausted.

In all, high vibration foods give you the energy you need to function from day to day. These suggestions will put you on the right track.

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