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Charlotte Howell is a writer, editor and musician from a small town just outside of London called Harlow. She is currently travelling the world and loves seeing new things, reading new things, and hearing new things.

The Emotions That Might Be Hiding Behind Your Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches and migraines are a daily battle for some people. Not only is it difficult suffering from the pain that these conditions cause, it's also frustrating when you can't find a solution to the problem. Not many people know that the root cause of head pain is actually inside your head, in your consciousness. It could be depression or any other kind of emotional stress causing the pain, and so using painkillers and other drugs for this pain won't help get to the bottom of

7 Reasons Why People Prefer the Single Life

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Are you one of those that prefer to have a single life? So many of us live our lives believing that we are all meant to be with someone, that we will all inevitably find that special someone and settle down, even though some of us prefer the single life. But what if some people are actually meant to be on their own? And what if that's because they don't enjoy all aspects of having a relationship? These aspects are the 'ugly bit's that all

How to Use Orange Peels to Make a Powerful Vitamin C Supplement at Home

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In this article, you will learn how to make your own homemade citrus powder by using orange peels. Vitamin C is a common and natural cure for most things, particularly for the common cold. Vitamin C can also be used to re-grow tissue and repair the body's cells, help with digestion and help to boost your immunity. What's more, it contains antioxidants – that work to block free radicals, which can cause damage to your body. Unlike some vitamins, vitamin C cannot be created by

Why the Quiet One in Your Life May Be More Emotional Than You Realise

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The quiet one in a relationship may be more emotionally strong than you can imagine. Are you one of those people who complains a lot or voices your emotion out loud? Do you interject without meaning to? Do you think a lot about yourself and how a situation is affecting you? All of those things are OK, but have you ever wondered how your partner, the quiet one in the relationship, feels about issues that face both of you? A lot of men and women tend

Is It True That You Should Take Aspirin for a Good Health?

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How often do you take aspirin? After reading this article, your opinion about aspirin may change. The conventional medical industry has for a long time encouraged and suggested that patients take aspirin to help with pain and relieve other symptoms. But what they don't tell you, and what they don't know, is that around 40,000 people die every year from the use of painkillers such as aspirin. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are usually drugs for pain that you can buy over the counter. Their long-term effects

5 Types of People You Should Immediately Distance Yourself from

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Perhaps you never noticed, but you may have some 'friends' that match certain types of people you should avoid. When it comes to sorting out your life, you might think that organizing your wardrobe and cleaning out your drawers would help – but have you ever thought about really considering your friendships? Some types of people can be a poisonous influence in your life – and sometimes it's important to figure who that is and really look at your friendship. 1. The friend who really can't

This Guy Quit Alcohol and Coffee for 15 Months and Here’s What Happened

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Have you ever thought of quitting alcohol and coffee to see what happens? If you haven't, here is some food for your thought. Alcohol and coffee are two substances that many people consume regularly. They can both be addictive and extremely costly, not to mention the long-term impact on your health, and yet we all accept them as a part of our social norms. Tobias, the co-founder of Semplice, decided to give up the two substances for 15 months to see the real effects they

Study: Your Facebook Friends Are Not Actually Your Friends!

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This may seem like an obvious statement, but a new study revealed a lot about the relationships between Facebook users and their Facebook friends. The new study by Professor Robin Dunbar from Oxford University, England, showed what we may have all thought for some time: just because you have a friend on Facebook, it doesn't mean you are really friends. The study highlighted that only 14 out of the average 150 Facebook friends any user has would actually show sympathy for the user, and only