This revelation is good news. Do you know that there are ways to get high without drugs?

This information should please those who want to alleviate stress without their detrimental effects.

People rely on drugs and painkillers because they are relaxing, at least for a time. Consequently, they use drugs to alter their consciousness. Also, it is a way for people to decrease pent-up pressure.

What happens to your body when you hit a high?

Drugs have delightful and hazardous effects. You may need to take them for various reasons but must exercise caution when consuming them. Therefore, whether you decide to or not, understanding the consequences of using them is essential.

The acclaimed website WebMDnotes that using drugs can accelerate your heart rate. You may have noticed your heart beating faster when you are high. Your heart works harder because drugs increase circulation. Therefore, they have an adverse impact if you have a heart condition. Furthermore, while drugs ease anxiety, they also make you frazzled if your heart is pumping too hard.

Some drugs have a knack for whetting your appetite. They trick your brain into thinking that you are famished when you are not. Therefore, you may feel like single-handedly devouring an entire pizza. They enhance the natural cannabinoids in your brain. These receptors signal that you are hungry. Drugs may make them work harder than they should.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and it is. It is one of the most welcome results of getting high. Drugs like Cannabis make everything seem hilarious. It increases blood flow to the right frontal lobe of the brain, which processes your appreciation of humor. Therefore, you are likely to laugh until your sides ache. That said, do practice moderation if you consume them for this purpose.

Furthermore, getting high alters your perception of time. You may feel it come to a standstill. A 1998 study shows that drugs redirect blood flow to your cerebellum, the part of your brain that decides your sense of time. The shift may explain why you feel everything slowing down.

Drugs, as you probably know, induce sleepiness. They imitate the body’s sleep regulators and trigger your sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, you may feel an urge to go to bed even if you were wide-eyed before.

11 Ways to alter your consciousness and get High Without Drugs

A high, without a doubt, is pleasurable and sought after. The key is to get it without the adverse effects of drugs.

1. Sleep Deprivation

At the head of the list of ways to get high without drugs is to deprive yourself of sleep. Consequently, the less sleep you have, the more altered your consciousness is. Of course, note that forgoing sleep means disrupting your sleep-wake cycle and the onset of problems such as insomnia.

2. Binaural Beats

Another way to alter your consciousness is to listen to binaural beats. They consist of two loud tones, close in frequency, played in each ear. Your brain will process the sounds and create a third one to fill the difference between the two. Consequently, your alertness and cognitive focus will decrease and you will start to feel calm.

3. Hypnagogic Injections

Another way to induce a state of tranquility is to use hypnagogic injections. The ideal state of consciousness is that between sleep (beta) and wakefulness (delta). Therefore, these doses bring your mind to this state.

4. Self-hypnosis

Are you enthralled when King Cobras respond to a snake charmer’s tunes? You can achieve the same hypnotic effect. Self-hypnosis begins with you reciting a mantra. Your body will relax. Consequently, you sense a calm void.

5. Isolation Tanks.

Isolation tanks are intriguing because they bring you to an out-of-body, euphoric state. An isolation tank typically contains about 1000 pounds of Epsom salts, immersed in 10 inches of water. Turning over is difficult, and you may experience a burning sensation in your eyes. To avoid this, lie on your back and meditate. You will fall asleep and reach a theta state.

5. Fasting

Fasting, the hallmark of many cultures and religions, cleanses the mind and body. Consequently, it alters your consciousness. Those who adhere to this practice claim that moving past the body’s hunger reflex gives them clarity. It may, however, cause you to feel fatigued.

6. Biofeedback

Biofeedback allows you to control the physiological functions of your body. It interprets your body functions as visual, sound or tactile sensations. Consequently, you come to an altered state of consciousness and reach a high. You can monitor your brain waves using an EEG machine and tune yourself to the mental state you desire. If you want awareness, for example, biofeedback can bring you to an alert beta state.

7. Essential Oils

Essential oils, like Clary Sage Oil, soothe the body. Proponents of these oils say that they make you calm and lightheaded. However, they may compromise your motor skills for a time.

8. Staring at a candle

You may feel skeptical of this method of inducing a high but may begrudgingly admit that it works. Putting yourself in a dark room and staring at a candle may irk you, but it changes your state of mind. Look at it without blinking. Consequently, you will reach an altered state of awareness.

9. Stand on your head

You may find this method of inducing a high simplistic, but it shifts your perspective. You will feel your blood rush to your head. Since the heart has not evolved to work against gravity, more blood will settle near your brain. Therefore, you will come to an altered state of consciousness.

10. Exercise

Heart-pounding exercises boost your mood, but not all of them do. Scientists at the Georgia State University discovered that running, for example, or riding stationary bikes triggers the dynamic combination of analgesia (pain relief) and calmness, what experts term the ‘runner’s high.’ Thus, you can say that it is a way to get high without drugs.

11. Seek Support

Finally, the human connection lifts us up when we are down. Sharing your story can help you transcend your painful past. The empathy of others can turn your experiences into ones worth relating.

There are, in conclusion, endless ways to get high without drugs. Many of them are innovative and will surprise you. Try them and reach a new level of awareness.

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  1. Jimmy Chiron

    This information should please those who want to alleviate stress without their detrimental effects.

    People rely on drugs and painkillers because they are relaxing, at least for a time. Consequently, they use drugs to alter their consciousness. Also, it is a way for people to decrease pent-up pressure.

  2. Oliver Spirit

    One way of getting high that wasn’t on the list – gazing into another person’s eyes.

  3. Aaron Provis

    No where near the same sorry guys good alternative but nothing similar to actually getting not low

  4. Abeguar Barros

    Weed is a way to get high without a drug, since it’s an herb not a drug!

  5. alina lol

    i tried the candle thing and it worked

  6. Aly

    weed is a drug no matter if its a plant or not its still a drug and sometimes causes problems in the future coming from someone who has dealt with the after math effects of weed. drugs are drugs regardless of where they come from. if you are putting anything in your body to alter the way your mind works its a drug i advise do not do drugs period they are not safe and can cause problems in the future.

  7. Len

    Sitting in front of a log fire on a cold dark night looking at the flames used to calm me down and let me forget about all the troubles lhat I’d had.

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