Kayakalpa is an Ayurvedic procedure that is touted to bestow a man with infinitely long youth and lifespan.

While this is one of the best illustrations of the man’s quest for the elixir of youth, there are some life hacks you can try to increase your lifespan!

These are such simple, yet fabulous tips that are sure to give you an additional dose of vitality and strength to live a longer life!


1. Include turmeric: This golden spice root cuts down inflammations and boosts circulation.

2. Eat fats: Healthy fats such as Omega 3 fatty acids help in ensuring that the free radicals do not cut down your longevity.

3. Drink coffee: Studies say that the average lifespan of coffee drinkers increases by 10% and 15% in men and women respectively.

4. Eat blueberries: Boost your longevity by shielding yourself from inflammations and infections with blueberries.

5. Eat more yogurt: Homemade yogurt rich in healthy bacteria boosts your immunity and help in better absorption of nutrients.

6. Become a vegetarian: Studies suggest that vegetarians, on an average, live 20% more than meat eaters.

7. Eat sweet potato and tofu: Japanese believe that these two ingredients increase the lifespan.

8. Eat tomato puree: The lycopene-rich fruit shields you from the harmful sun and cuts down the cancer risk.

9. Eat nuts: Nuts are sources of good antioxidants and healthy fats, both with add up life years.


10. Walk daily: People who opt for a walking regimen daily are known to have fewer wrinkles induced by depression.

11. Do lunge and squats: Save your hip from fractures by lunging and squatting daily!

12. Do yoga:Yoga boosts your circulation levels, improve immunity, and shields you from all kinds of health issues. Your stress is also at bay.


13. Have good friends to boost your energy levels and keep stress away.

14. Enjoy passionate sex at least twice a week.

15. Spend quality time with your family.

16. Give your mind some exercise.

17. Do window shopping.

18. Meditate regularly.

19. Travel around the world.

20. Do what you love!

21. Say no to alcohol.

22. Quit smoking and drugs!

23. Forgive, love, and accept yourself!

While there is no scientific evidence that could substantiate these tips, there are countless people across the world who are living proofs to these ideals.

So start following them if you want to live a longer life!

Life Hacks for a Longer Life - Infographic

Infographic Source: http://www.confused.com/


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