Did you know that music is a great way to reduce stress?

Stress can be brought about by many factors – work, family, school, relationships. No matter what causes your stress, we should always learn how to manage it well as too much stress is not good for our health.

It could lead to anxiety, lack of sleep, broken relationships, depression and in certain cases even to the extent of suicide.

One of the most inexpensive and widely available stress relievers is music. Here’s how you can reduce stress and drown your tension away with the help of music.

1. Starting out right – rise with music.

The first few minutes after you wake up could define what your day is going to be like. Jumpstart your day and say hello to a wonderful and productive one by listening to some feel-good music. Play your favorite songs on your playlist while you are getting ready for work and it’s a sure way to get you into a jolly mood.

2. Stretch when your body is tense.

You would know that you are stressed when you feel tension and tightness creeping up all over your body. Ease the tension away from some relaxation and stretching. Put on a piece of relaxing music, perhaps classical or some jazz, and stretch out to relieve the tension away.

Feel the music as you breathe in and out and you’d suddenly feel all your tension is gone.

3. On the Job – work with music.

Are you having a bad day at the office? Did you get reprimanded by your boss for the nth time today?

Reduce stress and disappointment with the help of some feel-good music. Listening to your favorite artists belting out a tune or two can simply turn your day around. Having music while working is also a great way to boost your brain cells so that you would be more productive and creative.

4. Put in headphones when you are feeling anxious.

The world could sometimes be overwhelming. When you feel that stress and anxiety are about to take over your life, shut yourself out from these outside negative forces. Put your headphones in and blast your playlist!

Get yourself drowned by the rhythms and lyrics of the songs. Getting lost in music even just for a few minutes is a great way to refresh yourself.

5. Daily medicine – sing with music.

People often say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Whilst this saying is true to so many people, give yourself a daily boost of energy by listening to your favorite songs and singing with it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a wonderful voice or not. Sing your heart out like no one is listening. This simple routine will surely scare the stress out of you.

6. Classical Indian music for healing and relaxing.

If your day has been nothing but stressful and toxic, rejuvenate yourself with some scented candles, probably a massage and classical Indian music. This type of music is commonly used for healing and relaxation.

If you fancy a quiet time at the convenience of your home, download some classical Indian music on your smartphone, light some scented candle and listen to the music.

7. Emotion in motion – move with the music.

Don’t just listen to a song, instead, try to feel its beat and rhythm and move with it. Don’t stop yourself if that lively song would want to make you dance. When you move with music, you would appreciate it more and it would bring you more joy and relief.

8. Sing in the car when you’re stuck in traffic.

Traffic is one of the things in this world that we don’t have control of. If you have been stuck in the middle of traffic for hours, ranting out would not make the situation even better.

Turn it around by having your own concert in the comfort of your car. Who knows, you would probably enjoy traffic from now on as it gives you more time to practice your singing prowess.

Now that you’ve learned how music can reduce stress immensely, fill your smartphones with your favorite songs and play them every time that you’re stressed.

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