Here is what you need to know about frankincense essential oil benefits to make the most of its healing properties!

Frankincense is an aromatic resin of Boswellia tree that grows throughout Asia and Africa. Most of us know it from church services. But what most people don’t know is that there are some remarkable frankincense essential oil benefits.

A small piece of this aromatic resin can influence humans on the physical and psychological levels. Frankincense is one of the oldest fragrances.

The tradition of trading and using it dates back 5000 years in the area of North Africa it was acknowledged as pure gold. The Frankincense trade route runs from south Arabia to the Mediterranean area.

This trade route is one of the oldest in the world! Even the ancient Egyptians used it for various purposes. It was the main ingredient for many rituals.

It has always been used in the rites of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches because of the belief that it chases away evil spirits. Frankincense essential oil benefits make it useful not only in aromatherapy, cosmetics, massage, and religious ceremonies but also in the treatment of different conditions.

Frankincense essential oil benefits and healing properties

In Ayurvedic medicine, frankincense (Boswellia serrata) has been used for thousands of years to treat arthritis, healing wounds, strengthening the female hormone system and protection against pathogenic micro-organisms. According to Ayurveda, daily usage of frankincense aroma in the house brings good health to all family members.

From ancient times, the aromatic resin has been used in the Middle East to maintain oral health. The local people have a habit of chewing the resin of frankincense, which improves the health of their teeth and gums – because of its antimicrobial properties.

In the West, frankincense is well-known for its anti-inflammatory qualities.

The powerful medicinal components of resin are sesquiterpenes hydrocarbons, monoterpenes, diterpenes, and Boswellia acids.

Boswellic acids are the most important component of frankincense. They have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and effectively relieve pain caused by arthritis, but unlike conventional drugs do not cause side effects.

Furthermore, frankincense improves circulation and blood flow through the vessels damaged by inflammation. Its powerful anti-inflammatory action helps with Crohn’s disease and cysts.

Some studies have shown that frankincense can assist in the treatment of several types of cancer – malignant melanoma, bladder cancer, and brain cancer.

Research confirms that the extract of frankincense, called incense acetate, reduces neurological damage.

Therefore, it eases depression and tension, prevents diseases of the blood vessels and lowers bad cholesterol. Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, as well as the Hebrew University in Jerusalem lately, administered research to see what was happening through the custom of burning the frankincense.

To handle the investigation, the scientists gave the resin to mice and found that it affects the section of the brain which regulates emotion. Mainly, frankincense activates the protein TRPV3, which is located in the brains of all mammals. The protein is possibly best known for the performance in managing our skins’ perspicacity of heat.

It has a strong antidepressant and anxiolytic influence which can make us feel amazingly carefree. It leads our mind to loosen and gives us the possibility to enjoy the present moment, without worrying about the future.

These amazing frankincense essential oil benefits make it a powerful remedy for the relief of stress, tension, hysteria, and depression. Massage and bath oil of frankincense greatly help with menstrual pain and inflammation of the bladder.

Treatment with frankincense oil has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and eases bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis, frequent colds and allergies.

A few drops of oil can make a significant change. The best way is to inhale it several times a day.

Interesting Facts

Many people believe that frankincense can stop snoring! – If you want to test it, apply the frankincense oil to the area of neck, chest and around the nose before sleeping.

The oil is excellent for skincare – helps with acne, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and wounds.

– Through the millennia of use of frankincense, no side-effects were recorded.

– The recent toxicological studies have confirmed that extracts of frankincense are safe for outdoor as well as indoor use.

*Do not use frankincense if you are taking blood-thinning medicine or you suffer from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, it is not wise to take it if you are pregnant, so try to avoid it until your baby is at least two years old.

Never use pure frankincense oil; This will help you to save it. The best way to use the 100% pure oil is to dilute it in base oil or water.

Should we use it every day?

Yes! If it’s possible. Frankincense essential oil benefits make it one of the oldest and most powerful remedies that we can obtain from the mother earth. It had and still has the potential to heal, relax and make us feel better. Therefore, we should explore all the ways to use it, and try to bring it to our everyday usage.

Thanks to the contemporary import, it’s not so difficult to find the resin or tincture, oil, cream and other forms of this miraculous natural remedy.

It is no longer a matter of mythology, tradition, alternative medicine. It is a scientifically proven natural medicinal substance that was given as a divine gift to us. We should not refuse this gift of nature!


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    Loved your post. I’d say that one can find most ‘health and beauty’ solutions in their own home. Spending money on chemical products is no good as they would do more harm in the future. For instance, I’ve had a lot of issues with stretch marks post pregnancy but I’ve only tried natural remedies and all of them have worked wonders for me. So, in my opinion, one must stick with natural treatments until it is absolutely necessary to buy health/skin care products.

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