The lush, dark brown dates are tempting delights. These dry fruits from the Middle Eastern nations are treasure troves of energy.

They also contain a wide array of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals such as iron and fluorine, as well as protein. From weight loss and weight gain to constipation, from skincare to stroke, it offers a panacea of benefits to mankind. Here are ten reasons why you should eat dates!

1. Helps you in your weight management

Dates can help you gain and lose weight. Sans of cholesterol and fat, dates are rich in fiber that easily keeps you full. Starting your day with six dates helps in preventing hunger pangs throughout the day, thus aiding in your weight loss journey.

Dates are laden generously with natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose, making it a tasty food for weight gain.

2. Antidote for hangover

Dates are natural solutions for easing alcoholic intoxication. Packed with dietary fiber and various vitamins such as B1, B3, and B3, dates are good sources of amino acids. They also contain energy rendering elements such as fructose and glucose.

Blend 6 small dates with ½ a small banana and one glass of coconut juice to a smooth drink. Sip the drink to get rid of the hangover.

3. Good source of dietary fiber

1 cup of dates gives you about 12 grams of dietary fiber that amounts to about 56% of the RDA of fiber. The pectin-rich dates make a natural cure for constipation.

4. Takes care of your heart

Various studies conducted on dates suggest that they are good for your heart. Dates are packed generously with the good fiber and magnesium in fabulous doses, enabling them to help in lowering the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions such as myocardial infarction and strokes.

5. The antioxidant advantage

According to a study that appeared in the “Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry” in 2006, antioxidants were found in abundance in date varieties such as Khasab, Khala, and Fard.

These dates also contained carotenoids and anthocyanins in lush amounts. The inclusion of antioxidant-rich foods in your diet shields you from various types of cancers, diabetes, as well as neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Studies conducted on the anti-inflammatory nature of magnesium suggest that it has the potential to reduce the levels of various inflammatory indicators including C-reactive protein and interleukin 6.

It was also noticed that there was a subsequent reduction in the inflammation experienced by the arterial wall. Being packed with magnesium, dates can easily be incorporated into your diet to make use of its anti-inflammatory nature, shielding you from conditions such as arthritis.

7. Good for mental health

Dates contain a wide array of nutrients such as vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium all that play vital roles in improving mental health. The antioxidant nature of dates shields the brain from age-related cognitive issues also.

8. Good for your skin

Loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A, dates can help in regeneration of cells and trigger the production of collagen. Thus, these dried fruits help in keeping your skin soft and more elastic.

Being abundant in antioxidants, dates eliminate the oxidative damages induced by free radicals, thus delaying the onset of premature aging signs. Red dates enrich and replenish the blood, thereby keeping your skin younger and glowing.

9. Good for hair

Dates strengthen your hair follicles, enhancing their vitality and strength. The B-Vitamins and iron present in these dried fruits offer a natural cure for hair loss issues.

Include 3 to 4 Medjool dates in your diet along with a glass of milk every morning on empty stomach for longer, stronger, and more lustrous tresses.

10. Natural aphrodisiac

Dates have been used since time immemorial to boost the sexual stamina in men and women alike. Soak five dates in goat’s milk overnight and consume it on empty stomach next morning for availing its aphrodisiac properties.

Aren’t these reasons tempting enough to try to eat dates? They are sweet and succulent; so are their benefits!

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