Is it really possible to leave behind the classic forms of medicine we associate with healing, and look solely to yourself?

Recent studies have shown that not only can people use their own thoughts to heal themselves. At the same time, drug companies are actually charging you for the privilege – selling placebos to patients.

By believing that a non-existent drug will work, it can often do exactly that, and go on to fix a disease or condition. But why should we rely on doctors and psychiatrists to give us these thought-fuelled drugs when we are fully equipped to use our own thoughts for healing?

It has been proven that you can use thoughts to heal yourself, your problems, conditions and even diseases. In the same vein, there have also been reported instances of people losing the mental battle because they believed they were going to die, not because of an illness.

For example, a man was told he had incurable cancer and had just a few weeks to live, he died almost immediately after being told. The autopsy after he died provedhe had been misdiagnosed and didn’t have cancer at all.

By using a model of self-transformation, it is possible to lift yourself out of your negative thoughts and illnesses, and become more positive, and, as a result, better. There has been evidence that even tumors can disappear when the belief is profoundly strong.

Sounds crazy, but it actually works!

We know from studies in neuroplasticity that we aren’t supposed to think the same thoughts, in the same way, all of our lives. We should take steps to think differently all the time and break the habits of our old self.

What’s more, these changes in our brains, and in the way we think, can lead to changes in our bodies. The new science of epigenetics, which dismisses the idea that we are genetically destined to be the same way for the rest of our lives, has taught us this.

You may, of course, have hereditary genetic possibilities of developing particular diseases and illnesses, but recent research has shown that by learning to change the wiring of your brain, you can turn off these undesirable genes and direct your body to healthier ones.

Mental rehearsal technique

The technique is called a “mental rehearsal” and it is, simply, a thought of yourself where you imagine a positive outcome, in a way that converts your inner thoughts to becoming your outer environment.

To actually do this, you have to combine your positive thought of the future with a realistic elated emotion, like joy or appreciation, and give your body a sample of what it could experience in the future.

You are basically tricking your brain into making the experience feel as real as possible, your brain won’t know it isn’t real and instead, it will fire new neurons to make new connections, until it begins to look as though the event has actually happened.

Effectively, in this present moment, therefore, anything is possible. If you want to create a new future for yourself and your body, and you have successfully employed “mental rehearsals” to make it feel real to your brain, then your thoughts can truly become a reality and make epigenetic changes in your DNA.

The result of this technique is that you create a new person within yourself. Your brain will no longer recognize your old “samey” self and become your own placebo.

What’s great about this technique is that anyone can try it, from large illnesses to smaller worries about life, it is a cure that everyone has free and easy assess to.

Don’t waste time thinking about what might happen, turn your body around and think about what should happen!

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