You can fight aging and look younger without buying expensive anti-aging products and treatments. Read on to learn how.

There is an incredible number of anti-aging products on the market and new ‘breakthroughs’ in anti-aging technology seem to be made every other day. Yet, there are some simple ways to fight aging and look younger – just a few lifestyle changes are enough.

Groupon conducted a study which showed that American women spend several hundred dollars per month on their appearance – equating to nearly a quarter of a million dollars in their lifetime.

Male respondents to the study didn’t spend quite as much but still managed the equivalent only about 22percent less in expenditure than women across their lifetime. The same study showed that British women spend on average over £70,000 in their lifetime.

The Aussies have a different way of reporting the same habits. Apparently, the average Australian is spending more on beauty than household energy! So clearly, we’re all pretty much infatuated with looking great and looking younger.

You’d imagine that as well as applying pricey cosmetics and treatments on the exterior, we’d be sure to put the right things in our bodies to nourish it appropriately, so we glow from the inside out.

But is this really the case?

Are we closing the gate after the horse has bolted?

Checking further results of research and studies, it appears 44% of Australians (14 years and over) drink at least once per week, with 6% of those drinking daily.

In a British study in 2016, 57% of adults (16 years and over) said they drank at least once in the week before being interviewed in the study.

It’s not so easy to find an equivalent statistic for the number of Americans who drink weekly, but it is reported that around 30% of Americans don’t drink at all, and the legal drinking age in the USA is 21.

So even if we assume that fewer Americans drink weekly, there’s still a fair portion of the population consuming alcohol.

Premature Aging

The irony is that drinking alcohol contributes to premature aging. Alcohol is dehydrating and no amount of application of products on the outside can rehydrate the body from the inside.

Dehydrated skin can develop fine lines and wrinkles that have little to do with age. Too much alcohol can result in broken capillaries and redness as well as leave the skin looking dull and lacklustre.


Alcohol also depletes the body’s supply of essential nutrients, because the process of metabolizing alcohol requires these nutrients. So, if the supplies aren’t replenished, the body is deficient in these nutrients. An undernourished body is not at its healthiest and best looking.

There are further implications of drinking alcohol, such as the risks associated with cancers and other diseases. However, the purpose here is to consider the benefit of investing in cosmetic applications to fight aging and look younger, whilst at the same time regularly indulging in a substance which actively works against looking better and younger.

You could say that using skin care and anti-aging products on a body that is also regularly indulging in not-insignificant levels of alcohol consumption is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted.

How to Fight Aging and Reverse the Aging Process

If you’re serious about looking your best, whatever your age, I can tell you from my own experience that these 5 actions will give you results you’ll never see from a bottle!

I drank indulgently for many years until in my 40s I realized I needed to stop altogether. I didn’t stop drinking for the sole purpose of not looking older, although I was a little concerned I was making myself age faster than my years.

Yet, since giving up alcohol, I have noticed my skin looking better than it ever has. I’ve reduced my use of expensive skin care regimes, and still, it glows. I know I’m looking better because people are noticing and telling me.

Here are my 5 ways to fight aging and look younger as you get older.

1. Stop Drinking Alcohol

You may have noticed that the recommended safe drinking levels have reduced in recent times. That is because research has shown that alcohol is not actually safe to drink and in fact, there are no advantages to drinking alcohol.

Alcohol is a poison. When it’s processed by the body, it produces carcinogens as by-products. Class 1 carcinogens. That’s about as bad as it gets! So, if you want to live a long life, a healthy life and a life in which you look your best, don’t drink alcohol.

2. Ensure Ample Amounts of Vitamin C and other Essential Nutrients

Vitamin C is great for many things and one of those things is collagen production, which is good for all areas of the body, but particularly the skin. I have always, always had sensitive skin in my chin area.

It’s been a constant source of frustration to me that I have suffered worse blemishes in adulthood than I ever did as a teen! Imagine my surprise and delight when I stumbled across studies and information about megadoses of vitamins working wonderful health benefits in sufferers of common, everyday ills.

I now take several thousand milligrams of Vitamin C daily (I recommend you research megavitamins and orthomolecular medicine to learn the details for yourself) and my skin is amazing. Not a blemish in sight and it is comfortable, robust and glowing. And I’m nearly 50 years old.

3. Water, Water, and Water

No surprises here. Every health writer, blogger, expert and professional will advise water. The body is composed of 70 percent water, so is going to do best when this is regularly replenished to keep it hydrated and flush through waste products.

Not only will you fight aging, but you will also feel better when you drink ample amounts of water.

4. Move Your Body

A body that does not move is sluggish and has sluggish circulation. Circulation transports oxygen and nutrients around the body, so exercise is necessary to keep things moving and functioning well.

As a young woman with no children or other responsibilities I was a fitness fanatic and ran and swam and rode like a demon. I have no time nor interest in that level of intensity now, but you can’t go past a decent 30 minute (minimum) walk each day.

Run if you can, but walk in the minimum. If you’re prone to low moods and anxiety, this is even more important for you.

5. Restorative Sleep

A well-nourished body that has also been exercised and hydrated with water, and not weighed with alcohol that it has to metabolize will have a better chance of sleeping well. You’ll know how much sleep you need to feel good.

When we have busy lives, and multiple commitments, it’s all too easy to rob ourselves of some sleep time and exchange it for something else we have to do. This is what’s known as a negative economy!

It will get us in the end. Give yourself the gift of sleep if at all possible. It is good for the brain, and feeling good is about as important as it gets. From there you can do and cope with almost anything.

Have It All

There’s the temptation to have and do everything we want – drink what we want, eat what we want and often at the expense of what our body needs. We do this thinking we can simply purchase a lotion or treatment to attempt to patch up the damage and regain the youthful appearance we so badly want to retain.

Deep down, I think we all know it can’t work successfully that way.

Put your health and wellbeing first and give your body what it needs to flourish. Remove alcohol from the equation and nourish your body as it needs to be nourished and it will reward you for many years to come.

Oh, and it’s considerably cheaper, too!


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