If you are like many people, you’ll think that life is more complicated than it is. By doing so, you line your way with unnecessary obstacles and pitfalls. Consequently, you impose stress on yourself. You’ll need to simplify your life with beneficial zen habits.

What is zen, and why should you turn to it? Which are the key habits that will change your life?

What Is Zen?

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that became popular during the Tang dynasty. Though it has strong Taoist influences, it is a school of Chinese Buddhism. Proponents of this school of thought derived it from the Chinese word ‘Chan.’, which in turn has its roots in Dhyana or meditation.

As you would expect, its teachings include various sources of Mahayana thought. It stresses penetrating man’s inherent nature and becoming a Buddha. This philosophy also emphasizes human dignity, which people develop by becoming aware of their’natural faces.’ It refers to a person’s nature before he or she comes into being.

The practice of Dhyana, or meditation, is central to Zen. After assuming the lotus position, practitioners will notice their breath and bring their center of energy below their navels. Doing this regulates the mind and makes a person aware of his thoughts.

Zen Habits Can Change Your Life

The outcome of your life depends on the story you tell yourself. Limiting beliefs often hold people back from success.

People often tell themselves that they cannot pass exams because they are too difficult. They believe that they cannot become the next person the company will promote because there are too many employees under consideration.

Developing zen habits will remove worries and other limiting beliefs. It teaches awareness; consequently, you’ll learn how to free yourself from stress and other distractions. Progressing towards your goals is easier with them gone.

Zen Habits that Will Reshape You

Zen ideas are simple, engaging and beneficial. Here are ten that will give your everyday life a boost.

1. Don’t compare yourself with others.

First of all, don’t fall into the ‘comparison’ trap. Remember that people always exceed goals, so there’s always someone better or worse than you at this, that or the other. Comparing never stops. Benchmarks are necessary. However, constant comparing is a harmful habit, because it lowers your self-esteem.

2. Don’t Judge

Like everyone else, you enter this world with a set of norms, beliefs, and values. It’s easy to base your judgments on them and jump to conclusions.

People have different life experiences, so finding someone whose opinion aligns exactly with yours is nearly impossible. Judging widens gaps between people. Also, the less you judge, the lighter your burdens.

3. Let go of anger

It’s hard to stop your anger when you feel overcharged. That said, doing so is a must because it hurts your loved ones. Mindfulness, a Zen practice, helps you release pent-up emotions. Get rid of these negative feelings because you need to keep centered.

4. Let go of regrets

Regretting mistakes or actions never moves you ahead in life. Since you cannot go back in time to change them, it’s pointless hanging on to them. Instead, have gratitude for the things that are going well for you.

Also, feeling guilty will not help you reverse situations. Punishing yourself continuously for past events limits you, and does not help anyone. Instead, extend forgiveness to yourself and others. It will help everyone move forward.

5. Release your worries

Worries are like parasites. You are never free from them, but you can stop them from affecting you. Therefore, don’t fret over the things you can’t control.

6. Stop assigning blame

I never graduated from college because my mother refused to let me study the courses I liked.” Does this seem familiar? People often blame others for their problems. However, assigning blame limits personal growth. You are in control of your feelings, so you have the power to reshape outcomes.

7. Let go of fear

If you pause and think, you may realize that you missed opportunities because of fear. It stops you in your tracks and limits you. Also, it’s wise to remember that stepping out of your comfort zone opens you to new possibilities.

8. Have a good laugh

Laughter is the best medication to date. Have a good chuckle over your mistakes instead of frowning on them. Learning is a lifelong process.

9. Single Task

Technology keeps improving in this digital era. We receive messages in seconds, and people expect instant responses. Consequently, everyone tries to complete a few tasks at once. Eliminate non-essential work and concentrate on what matters.

10. Compassion

Kindness not only brings on smiles but also relaxes people. A friendly word always makes a rough day a little better. When you are ready, move on from that to larger acts of kindness.

In all, you may not notice the difference Zen habits make instantly. But you will see how they increase your positivism over time.

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