Did you know there are some easy life hacks you can use to improve your home and garden that will only cost about one dollar?

Home improvement season is always on a homeowner’s mind, no matter how great the house looks, but with most people, if you mention the word “home improvement,” you probably instantly think about how much it’s going to cost.

But if you’re anything like me, you will find a way to spruce up your house for next to nothing. Did you know there are some simple things you can do today that will only cost a dollar or so? What if I told you these “hacks” could liven up a room quite a bit?

If you don’t believe me, then let me prove my point by showing you 25 easy life hacks for your home and garden you can try that will more than likely cost you a crisp dollar bill.

Easy Life Hacks for Home Improvement

1. Whiten tile grout with a whitening pen to keep it looking fresh.

In time, the grout between tiles can accumulate dirt and darken. A cost-effective way to revitalize them is to use a whitening pen in order to make it look brand new.

2. Install a door stop to prevent handle dents on your walls.

A door handle can do a lot of damage to the walls of a home if it hits them with enough force. A cheap way to prevent this from happening is to install doorstops behind the door.

3. Add LED push lights under the kitchen cupboard for budget down lighting

A lack of lighting can quickly become a problem, and yes, installing new light fixtures can be expensive. By adding a push light under the kitchen cabinets, you can add simple lighting for about a dollar each.

4. Stop furniture scraping wooden or laminate floors by adding felt pads.

Brand new floors are beautiful, but they can be scraped by furniture if it’s moved around too much. Try adding felt pads to the legs of every piece of furniture that you usually move around and enjoy wooden floors for longer.

5. Use cable clips to keep cables tidy and safely out of the way.

Cable clips are the most cost effective and practical way to keep cables together to prevent them from being tangled. Plus, it can make an area look a lot more organized.

6. Install a self-adhesive hook for hanging tea towels or other lightweight items.

When there simply aren’t enough places to hang towels or bags, install self-adhesive hooks rather than traditional ones. These are as cheap as they can get and can be easily removed when they’re no longer needed.

7. Fix just about anything with a strong adhesive.

A good way to save money is to buy a strong adhesive and use it to fix the things that break such as a clay pot.

Easy Life Hacks for Home Decoration

1. Frame you favorite photograph to personalize your décor.

Smartphones may have made traditional photographs obsolete, but it doesn’t mean you can’t print some great looking photographs. Print some of your favorite photos on 8x10s and place them in a nice looking frame from the local dollar store.

2. Replace tired light shades with a new paper lantern.

There are many tutorials on how to make paper lanterns on the internet. It only requires glue and old newspapers in order to replace those old light shades.

3. Hang keys on a decorative key hook.

Key hooks are extremely useful for houses with a large number of people (and keys). They’re practically free and they will save you time when you’re in a hurry. Simply hang the hooks by the door and you will never forget where they are.

Easy Life Hacks for Storage

1. Keep out the season clothing or spare blankets stored away using minimal space in vacuum storage bags.

A great way to create more space is to keep all the clothing that’s out of season stored away in vacuum storage bags. The bags are cheap, and your clothes will be kept in excellent condition, creating free space that’s invaluable.

2. Keep clutter stowed away in boxes – you can use free cardboard or buy a budget plastic storage box with a lid.

Owning a lot of small things can make keeping them organized a difficult task. A good trick to solve this problem is to store the items in boxes like the ones found at a dollar store.

3. Hang clothes with a door hook.

Clothes shouldn’t end up on chairs or on dirty floors. Install a few cheap door hooks in order to keep your clothes clean and your house tidy.

4. Make sure the kid’s school work or your office stays organized with a file holder.

An individual is only as efficient as their office space allows. Regain control over your workspace by organizing papers and documents in file holders inside a simple desk drawer.

Easy Life Hacks for Cleaning

1. Who needs expensive carpet cleaners when shampoo works just fine?

Specialized carpet cleaners can cost a pretty penny, and an easy way to avoid spending large amounts of money in order to clean your carpets is by simply using a shampoo as detergent.

2. Clean dirty or dusty mirrors with a glass cleaner spray to help rooms feel brighter and bigger.

Mirrors redirect the light in a room and make it seem more spacious — as long as they’re clean. Take a bit of soap, a damp cloth and clean them weekly. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

3. Clear indoor and outdoor drains with drain unblocker.

Calling a plumber when a pipe clogs isn’t always necessary. Try the cheaper way first by using a drain unblocker.

4. Clear up pet hair with a rubber squeegee.

Those who have cats and dogs know that pet hair is close to impossible to remove. A cost-effective way to do this is by using a rubber squeegee.

5. Get your windows sparkling with a white vinegar spray.

Like the mirrors, the cleanliness of the windows says a lot about a house and its inhabitants. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and use it as a simple window cleaner.

Easy Life Hacks for Gardening

1. Hang a bird feeder to bring wildlife into your garden.

A cheap way of attracting birds to your garden is by using a bird feeder. It may take a bit of time, but once the birds feel secure, your garden will be fuller than life.

2. Add some solar lights.

Solar lights cost very little and can make a lot of difference. They don’t need batteries or maintenance and they provide the perfect amount of light during the night.

3. Enjoy the soft sounds of bamboo chimes in the gentle breeze.

The atmosphere is very important when you are outdoors. Consider installing a couple of bamboo chimes to give your garden a meditative quality.

4. Reseed the lawn to repair bare patches.

Seeds are pretty much as cheap as they could be, and with them, you can easily restore your lawn to its former glory.

5. Maintain healthy plant growth by using plant clips.

Plants tend to have a mind of their own when it comes to the shape in which they grow. You can easily give them a push by using plant clips, creating a cleaner look.

6. Grow plants from seed to add color to your garden.

Besides the fact that they barely cost anything, buying seeds and using them to grow plants can be extremely therapeutic. In addition, the plants will give your garden the diversity it needs.

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