These random acts of kindness will leave you speechless and make you wonder whether we are doing all we can to create a better world for our children.

An 18th-century German philosopher said that we are living in the best of all possible worlds.

While it is true that things can be much worse than they currently are, it is far from true that there is no room for improvement in the world we are living in today. It seems as if we have forgotten how to be kind to each other.

Being kind is free, there is no price tag attached to it, which makes you think why we, as a society, don’t do it more often, considering how much we all like free things.

By the time we start to look at ourselves as adults, we are mostly used to injustice, inequality, and brutality of the world we live in. Young minds are not and they are often the ones who foster change and keep the faith in humanity alive.

Without these random acts of kindness, we would be stuck in a cold world where racial tensions, wars, selfishness, violence, and greed are considered normal, instead of love, generosity, and selflessness.

We, the grown-ups, regard children as naive because they don’t understand how the world works.

The pictures below demonstrate that children are able to show much more compassion than the adults. Thus, they understand much better than the most of us that hatred and intolerance will destroy our world.

Maybe it is time to listen to our kids and hear what they have to say about how the world should be because it appears that we could all learn a lot from young minds that weren’t corrupted by the values of our society.

Scroll down and see for yourself what random acts of kindness can do for others, and how these amazing kids changed things in their own childish way.

This is Joseph Miles. He is 9 years old and he understands that God if there is one, doesn’t hate anyone.

Maybe some of these religious extremists who think they understand what God and religion are about can learn something from this awesome nine-year-old.

Random acts of kindness

This little guy was bullied for two years because of his long hair.

He was growing it because he wanted to donate his hair for wigs that are used by children with cancer. And he is only 8 years old.

Random acts of kindness

This kid spent all his allowance money to buy books for the local jail. How awesome is that?

If all adults spent their allowance money on books for prisoners, instead of the garbage they don’t need but buy anyway, all prisons could become classrooms.

Random acts of kindness

Children, they don’t care if you are black or white or yellow.

This boy offering a bottle of water to a white policeman on a hot day in Baltimore keeps the hope alive that we can all put racial tensions behind us.

Random acts of kindness

A homeless child doing homework using the light from McDonalds.

There is so much wrong with this picture, but nothing wrong with this child. Maybe one day, because of him, all the children in the world will have the equal opportunity for education.

Random acts of kindness

This 17-year-old is from Syria and he was forced to leave his home.

He had to walk 500km to Greece, but that didn’t stop him from carrying his puppy with him. Would you do the same?

Random acts of kindness

This group of children from Canada tied coats to street poles, in order to help the homeless to prepare for the winter.

Random acts of kindness

This little guy saved 120$ over the course of one year. He wanted to use them to do something for the homeless.

He made lunches for them. It takes so little to make a world of difference.

Random acts of kindness

An animal shelter in which they don’t kill animals.

It sounds like an animal heaven, doesn’t it? This 9-year old boy made it in his garage. He alone has done more to end animal cruelty than entire governments.

Random acts of kindness

8-year-old boy donated 1000$ he won on a scavenger hunt to a little girl that was battling leukemia.

Doing what you can for other people can change their lives for the better, and this boy is an excellent example.

Random acts of kindness

What do you think, do we really have something to learn from these random acts of kindness?


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