There come times our lives when everything seems to go wrong. Suddenly, your world is crumbling around you and you’ve nowhere to turn.

It’s important, when you feel that everything is falling apart in your life, to sit back and take stock. Take advantage of this time of crisis to gain perspective on what’s really important to you.

When everything goes wrong for you, take comfort from these 8 truths:

1. We’re all boiling in the same pot

People are not always so forthcoming about how much things go wrong for them in life and how confused and frightened they feel at times. People show a brave face, we’re conditioned to be afraid of showing others weakness. But life isn’t an easy ride for anyone once you scratch the surface.

It happens to different people at different times, but everyone has their share of suffering in this life. Don’t be afraid to share your experience with other people and seek their comfort and advice. You’ll find that people are more able to relate than you’d imagine.

2. Frustration brings growth

If everything in this life was easy, and everything always went right for everybody, we’d all live in a state of passivity and inertia. Everything would always be perfect for us and there’d be no need for any change in our lives – no need to adapt to anything.

This would mean we’d never grow or learn anything in the process of living, we’d never even make an effort. It’s possible to welcome tough times as heralding times of major transformation and passing on to a new level of consciousness of life, of yourself, and of others.

3. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last

Whatever you’re going through, from the most trivial of difficulties to the greatest tragedies that can befall a human being, you’re neither the first nor the last to experience what you’re experiencing.

You’re one of a long line of human beings who have been brought into this world through no fault of their own and who have been called upon to suffer. If you see your own sufferings in the context of the history of all human beings on this earth, you’ll feel closer and more akin to your fellow man and woman.

4. Change can be embraced

If you’ve been dissatisfied with your life so far, then it’s never too late to try for something more fulfilling. When life is dissatisfying but we are comfortable, we don’t have the impetus to change.

Now that you’re faced with changes you neither invited nor welcomed, you can look at this as an opportunityto take a new direction in your life and do things you couldn’t have done if locked into another type of life.

5. You’ve got to let things go when they’re no longer relevant to you

Sometimes we hold onto things that are no longer contributing to our lives for longer than we should because of our fears or because of conflicting needs, and eventually, they’ve ripped away from us despite our apparent desperate attempts to prevent this.

In hindsight, we often see that it was for the best and that if we hadn’t let go of the old, we’d have had no room for the new.

6. This is an opportunity to start afresh

When things go wrong, we’re left with nothing. But we often forget that this means that we have the freedom to start again. Starting again can seem daunting when you’re stubbornly resisting the need to let go.

But to somebody who has accepted their losses and is ready to move on, it can be one of the very few chances to act from a position of complete freedom that you get in life.

7. Battle scars make you more interesting

Bad experiences teach you a lot about the world and about yourself. People who have had bad experiences in life are more interesting because they have more dimensions to their personality than people who have had everything easy so far. Experience is character forming and strengthening.

8. It’s not the end

When everything feels to go wrong, you’ve got to remember, above all, not to fall into the trap of thinking that this is it and that you’re finished. Look for the opportunity in every loss an keep moving forward, stronger and wiser than before.

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  1. Julius

    Great life points.The points are practically true. Hi, continue with such great articles

  2. Arif

    Great points and very honest advice. Thanks.

  3. Connie Wilson

    OMG this article is wonderful I was scammed recently it devastated me. Ruined my credit, my bank acct and credit card (s) was closed and my rent was unpaid, ALL bills fell behind. This article is So motivating I needed this so I can STOP beating myself up about it. THANK YOU.

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