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Caroline Hindle is a freelance writer, editor, and translator based in the UK. She has an MA in Ancient World Studies but has a wide spectrum of interests, including philosophy, history, science, literature, politics, morality, and popular culture.

5 Reasons You’re Feeling Lost in Life and What to Do About it

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  If you’re feeling lost in life, you’re not alone, especially if you belong to the younger generation. More than ever people are disconnected from reality and caught up in a fantasy world where everything appears perfect. Everybody seems happy, everybody seems to be living their dream, to be successful, to be making money and to be having fun while they do it. The reality is anything but the case. Talking to a couple of university lecturers, I found that young people are more than


 10 Signs that You Might Be Overly Attached to Your Past

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You might be overly attached to your past, and you might not even be aware of it. Have you ever had that feeling that there’s something going consistently wrong with your life and that you just can’t seem to get it right? 1. You keep making the same mistakes. Do you ever get a Déjà vu feeling about your experiences in life? If you feel that you are caught up in patterns of failure in life and relationships that seem to repeat themselves, or if


When Everything Goes Wrong, Remember These 8 Truths

By |2018-12-10T15:27:52+03:00March 1st, 2017|Categories: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Personal Growth, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , , , |

There come times our lives when everything goes wrong. Suddenly your world is crumbling around you and you’ve nowhere to turn. It’s important, when everything goes wrong in life, to sit back and take stock. Take advantage of this time of crisis to gain perspective on what’s really important to you. When everything goes wrong for you, take comfort from these 8 truths: 1. We’re all boiling in the same pot People are not always so forthcoming about how much things go wrong for them


7 Signs Your Fear of Commitment Is Preventing You from Being Happy

By |2019-03-28T23:20:08+03:00February 7th, 2017|Categories: Relationships, Relationships & Social Life, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , , , , |

Fear of commitment is a common phobia, and even those who are comfortable with making some commitments in their lives don't do so lightly. Before we talk about the fear of commitment, let's give a definition of the word "commitment" first. It means a pledge, and something binding you to a particular path of action. It therefore inevitably reduces your field of possibilities. Because commitment limits you to certain actions, it necessarily deprives you of certain possibilities for pleasure. It’s easy to understand, therefore, why


7 Reasons Why Being Real is More Important than Being Nice

By |2017-12-08T22:04:34+03:00February 2nd, 2017|Categories: Relationships & Social Life, Social life|Tags: , , , , |

I’d like to preface this article by briefly pointing out what I mean by being real. Being real is not the same thing as being cruel or malicious. Criticizing people, insulting them, and pointing out their failures for sport is not being real, it's being abusive. Being real is about taking the time and making the effort to be genuine with people, and it can make a big difference to your sense of self-worth and the quality of your relationships with people. Now, there are


Toxic Love and 8 Unexpected Reasons Why You’re Attracting It

By |2019-03-23T21:45:16+03:00January 27th, 2017|Categories: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Relationships|Tags: , , , , , , |

Toxic love, when it really comes down to it, is any love affair that makes you feel in some way bad or uncomfortable. We could describe any love affair in which anxiety and pain are more common a feature than contentment and pleasure as toxic. It’s common for people to blame others for being toxic individuals when in every relationship there are two people involved in creating a toxic dynamic. How do you know that you’re in a toxic love relationship? You’re in a toxic love


7 Brutal Truths That Will Improve Your Life and Make You a Better Person

By |2019-03-23T21:09:01+03:00January 20th, 2017|Categories: Science & Technology, Self-Improvement|Tags: , , , , |

Brutal truths are the hardest truths to face. But facing them and ceasing to live under illusions are not only acts of self-liberation, but ones that empower you to be a better person. There are some brutal truths about life that most people choose to neglect because they make them feel uncomfortable. What about you, do you choose to ignore or to face them? 1: The universe doesn’t care about you  This is what we know so far: The space in which we find ourselves

8 Reasons A Few Failed Relationships Are Good for You

By |2019-03-23T20:48:57+03:00January 18th, 2017|Categories: Mental Health & Wellbeing, Relationships|Tags: , , , , |

Failed relationships can be extremely painful experiences, and it can seem that, in having them, we waste time on something that in the end seems to have been futile and pointless. But frustration brings growth, and crisis transformation. Failed relationships have a lot to contribute to our personal growth, if we’re only willing to be conscious of the parts of ourselves that they bring us into conflict with. 1. Failed relationships reflect your character back at you When there’s conflict in a relationship it can


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